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Between 2009 and 2013, Big Time Rush was the top show to watch on Nickelodeon. Swoon over these songs.

‘Big Time Rush’: Revisit your childhood crush with these songs

Between 2009 and 2013, Big Time Rush was the top show to watch on Nickelodeon. Zoey 101, iCarly, and Victorious were popular too, but there was something so special about Big Time Rush that made it stand out. It was the Big Time Rush songs that had such charm. The four-season sitcom is about teenagers from Minnesota who decide to pursue careers in the music industry.

They collectively leave behind their hockey aspirations to form a boy band in Los Angeles. At first, things seem fun & easy as they focus on partying, meeting girls, and letting loose. They ultimately realize in order to truly succeed in such a cutthroat business, they’re going to need to buckle down and take things more seriously. These Big Time Rush songs remind us of how hard we crushed on the group back in the day.

“Any Kind of Guy”

The lyrics to “Any Kind of Guy” start out saying: “Here I am / There you are / Why does it seem so far / Next to you is where I should be.” This love song paints a clear picture of wanting to be physically closer to the person you love. The music video features a faceless female booking at a stack of polaroids of the boys, as she tries to narrow down a choice on who she should spend her time with.


“Worldwide” is a Big Time Rush song about traveling the world and missing your significant other back home the whole time. The song opens up with a reenactment of a phone call and goes into how after visiting Paris, London, and Tokyo, they will be able to finally reunite again. For the boys of Big Time Rush, traveling schedules probably made it hard for them to maintain long distance romances. 


Justin Bieber has a song called “Boyfriend”, but that isn’t the one we’re referring to here. The Big Time Rush song that is also titled “Boyfriend” tells the story of the boys noticing a girl who is on the hunt for a relationship. Instead of playing it cool, they respond to her desire with confirmation that they are looking for the same thing. They let her know in the lyrics that she can trust without being scared.

“Til I Forget About You”

Breakup songs can be sad to hear but sometimes, they’re relatable enough that it helps you realize you aren’t alone! The best Big Time Rush song that touches on the subject of healing from heartache is “Til I Forget About You”. The song goes into detail about how the boys are attempting to fill their time and distract themselves from thinking about the girl who decided to walk away.

“Windows Down”

“Windows Down” is a song that has such a free & playful vibe to it, as the title would suggest. When you drive around in your car with the windows down, the wind is able to blow through your hair creating a sensation of total liberation. In this song, the boys sing about putting the pedal to the metal, giving the girl everything she wants in life, and letting go of all worries for the night.

“Halfway There”

A song like “Halfway There” can have many meanings since the boys in the band never specify in the song who they are addressing. In one context, it seems like they’re talking to each other about being there for each other as supportive friends. In another context, they are talking to a lover in a heartfelt way, trying to be as encouraging as possible. Either way, the song is about not giving up on your dreams.

Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr., and Logan Henderson are the members of Big Time Rush who provided their amazing vocals to such lovey-dovey & incredible songs. The magic of this music will last forever. Did you stan Big Time Rush? Let us know in the comments! 

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