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Carole Baskin's wedding photo is obviously unusual. Poor Howard doesn't look like he's having fun being on a leash in a caveman costume.

We need to talk about Carole Baskin’s wedding photos right now

Even though watching Tiger King on Netflix was a long time ago, there are some parts of the show that are seared into our minds. One of them is Howard and Carole Baskin’s wedding photos. 

It’s self-explanatory why Carole Baskin’s wedding photos raise eyebrows. In a long white dress in a floral crown, Carole Baskin holds Howard, looking like a sad, smiling Tarzan, on the end of a leash. What? We really wish we could use some wedding photo retouching to scrub this image from our brains.

Carole Baskin’s wedding photos with Howard added to the zaniness of Tiger King. The photos have been memed all over the internet and still capture attention. Let’s explore what that’s all about. 

When Carole met Howard

Howard Baskin is Carole Baskin’s third husband. They met two years before Carole Baskin’s wedding photos at a convention promoting an aggressive spay & neuter program to help end euthanasia of healthy pets in shelters, because they can’t find a home. Big Cat Rescue is still one of the main founders & sponsors of the initiative. 

It’s a great cause, and one that both Carole and Howard were dedicated to. Howard actually visited the sanctuary when it was Wildlife on Easy Street and was a longtime cat lover. Carole Baskin was smitten with his passion for tigers and the pair became closer.

Joining Big Cat Rescue

In 2003, a year before Carole Baskin’s wedding photos, Howard joined the Big Cat Rescue’s advisory board. With his CFO experience, he puts his skills to use by managing the funding that BCR receives. Soon, their business alliance turned into the infamous wedding photos when Howard proposed in 2003, and they got married in 2004.

So, what’s up with Carole Baskin’s wedding photos? 

According to Big Cat rescue’s blog, Carole and Howard Baskin didn’t have your typical wedding photos because “they’re not your typical couple”. That said, Carole Baskin’s wedding photos go beyond the infamous shot of Howard on a leash. They also show the couple wrestling caveman style. Plus, the Tarzan costume is . . . a little weird. We really wish we could use some wedding photo retouching or layer photo editor to scrub this image from our brains.

Did Howard actually marry Carole in a caveman suit? 

Carole Baskin’s wedding photos of Howard have him looking like a sad extra from The Flintstones. We have to ask, did Howard actually get married in Barney Rubble’s getup, or was it just in the pictures? We have photographic evidence they did. Plus, the officiant was armed with a guitar.

The vows were also unique

Carole Baskin’s wedding photos weren’t the only unique item about their wedding. Carole promised to keep their love life fresh & interesting, but not so wild “that it will drive Howie nuts.” “Howie,” as Howard was called at his wedding, vowed to close dresser drawers so his old cat wouldn’t pee in them. 

At Carole Baskin’s wedding, at least they didn’t talk about Howard’s balls being like gold nuggets. 

Not the only unique ceremony on Tiger King

Do Carole Baskin’s wedding photos hold the title for the strangest thing on Tiger King? What about Jow Exotic’s polygamous wedding with matching pink cowboy outfits? Or the funeral where Joe Exotic talked about his late husband’s testicles in front of his mother?

Yet, Carole Baskin’s wedding photos capture a special place in our hearts. As weird as it is, it’s a little heartwarming too. We don’t know too many people who would dress like Tarzan and willingly get photographed on a leash for the world to see. We guess Carole Baskin and her “Howie” have something special going on.

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