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What happens when a mod allows a ton of players to join a round of 'Among Us'? See the chaos and hilarity that ensued in a 100-player game.

100-player ‘Among Us’: Watch the madness of chaos in action

As Among Us has continued to rise in popularity, players have found ways to manipulate gameplay and create mods that make the game even more chaotic. Mod creators are finding every mode possible to play Among Us in the most entertaining manner, even if it isn’t how the game is meant to be played. 

Recently, some YouTubers figured out a way to play Among Us with 100 other users on the server and, unsurprisingly, chaos ensued. Here’s what happened with 100-player Among Us

Among Us mods

There are plenty of mods Among Us players can currently download. Mods can be a way for users to cheat by gaining an unfair advantage over the other players. Despite the bad rap, some players only use mods as a way of improving the look of Among Us or its gameplay. 

The most popular hacks allowing players to cheat include the Auto Impostor hack, allowing players to become the impostor every single round, creating confusion for other users. The speed hack allows you to move around the map much faster than the other crew members. Finally, Instakill allows players to kill other players in rapid succession without time delay which comes in handy if given the impostor role. 

For those who aren’t looking to cheat but want to add some style & flare to their character designs, players can download unlimited skins, hats, and pets to turn their impostor into an “impostar.” These mods can be downloaded through an Among Us mod menu where each mod can be activated for those who want to use them. 

100 players mod is chaos

Traditionally, Among Us only allows a maximum of ten players into a specific lobby. However, by downloading certain mods, this maximum can be extended. YouTubers Socksfor1 and MrBeast created a separate modded game that allowed 100 players into the server. 

The YouTubers uploaded the links to these files to their Discord servers and anyone who downloaded the file could get in on the 100 player action. Players who want to see how crazy this mod is may have to join the member discords for these YouTube channels. 

Earlier this month, YouTube channel The Pixel Kingdom uploaded an animated video of a 100 player lobby. While the video was not actual gameplay, fans of Among Us loved the concept and the video broke the internet. 

What do 100 players look like?

For those who haven’t seen MrBeast playing Among Us with 100 players on the server, it looks as insane as one would hope. The cafeteria which serves as the main hub for the map is absolutely mobbed. 

The round becomes more bloody than a Tarantino film as the severed corpses of Among Us members begin to line the floors. None of the players are even trying to be sneaky about it as the game becomes more of a Battle Royale than a social deduction game. It becomes even harder to tell who the impostors are since there are so many possible suspects. 

Gaming mods

Modding is very popular within the gaming community as it creates hilarious & awesome opportunities for players to experience within their favorite games. One game that has been heavily modded by players is Grand Theft Auto V. Some of these mods include changing character appearances so players can play as Spiderman, Sonic, or The Hulk in GTA V

Skyrim is another commonly modded game with players using lightsabers instead of swords or even changing the dragons into Thomas the Tank Engine. Minecraft also supports modpacks that allows players to add to the gameplay. 

It was only a matter of time before Among Us became modded by other users. The 100 player mod creates an endless amount of comedy, but it is even more frustrating than before as the impostors slowly begin to kill the large number of players in the lobby. 

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