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The worst of the worst can be found on the internet. The bowels of the worst are found in the AITA Reddit thread. Read the most horrible posts.

The dregs of r/AITA: Wade into the most horrible Reddit threads

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who use social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and others, who use Reddit. Reddit is the internet hub for various eccentric communities to share, discuss, and “vote” the posts up or down. 

A subreddit is like a forum with a specific theme. A “thread” on Reddit is a discussion that includes follow up posts beneath the original post. All the best conversations, drama, and tea take place in these Reddit threads. 

One of the most popular Reddit threads is appropriately named “Am I The A$$h0le?” (AITA for short). This fascinating Reddit nook features users asking for advice on numerous topics from dating to professional interactions. Imagine Yahoo! Answers, but with a better user interface.

During these free counseling sessions – *cough* we mean Reddit threads – posters recount their experiences and question the lurking audience if they truly are the bad guys in the context – or if, perhaps, they were right for whatever obnoxious behavior. And just like everything on the internet, Reddit AITA has become a black hole of ridiculous content that’s equal parts horrifying & hilarious.

Here are some of the most entertaining AITA threads:

AITA for throwing a soda on the ground near the dude I bought it for? from AmItheAsshole

World is full of “tomato asses”

An unfortunate event that started as a blossoming acquaintanceship with displays of model behavior by both parties and yet, it led to something this awful. We truly feel sorry for them. A life lesson to be learned from this scenario: not everything goes according to plan in life. 

AITA for forgetting about a date? from AmItheAsshole

Uh oh 

Where did the girl even go for the missed date? Need more information on this one! Although everyone harshly criticized the guy in question, this is a very common scenario that could happen to the best of us. But like the replies mention, the guy could’ve tried to apologize to her later (no matter how much later). 

The most infuriating part of this situation is not him missing out on the date, but going out to a club and meeting another while forgetting his date. Oh well, fish memory people out there, write down your s4*t! 

AITA for telling this girl that she’s not a parent if she’s had a miscarriage but not a kid from AmItheAsshole

Tricky one

The debate about being a parent or not when the lady has had a miscarriage is tricky, but the Facebook admin acted gentlemanly in his approach declining the lady’s request to join the group. Although the truth might be hard-hitting sometimes, it’s necessary. Kudos to the admin for acting responsibly; we hope the lady works out her issues. 

AITA if I don’t spoil/pay for all of my girlfriends dates? from AmItheAsshole

Obvious validation

This Reddit post was awarded the “obvious validation” award by the AITA community, meaning the poster obviously sought validation. We get it; sometimes everyone needs that kind of support from others. If it’s coming from strangers on the internet, it can mean so much more.

On another note, people trying to prevent others from breaking through gender norms and evolving into better beings are revolting. They neither improve themselves nor tolerate others around them being decent.

AITA for asking my girlfriend to stop smiling so widely for photos? from AmItheAsshole

YTA (You are The Asshole)

We hope the lady really thought things through before agreeing to this marriage. Like the father of the groom points out, it really is no wonder none of this dude’s relationships work out for him. Who would want to date – let alone marry – a trashy person that can’t see past the physical appearance of a person and taunt them for it?

Have you ever thought of posting on these Reddit AITA threads? Let us know in the comments!

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