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AITA in Reddit is our favorite subreddit because, at the heart of it, it’s people trying to help one another. These are some of our favorite threads.

Is AITA the best thread on Reddit? These threads make us say “yes”

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s socially acceptable and what isn’t. Situations can be weird & complicated and once they become emotionally charged it can be hard to tell whether or not you’re doing the right thing.

Luckily, the internet exists. Reddit has all kinds of chatroom type threads called subreddits, and one of them is very aptly called “Am I the Asshole?” or AITA for short. This is a very handy place where people can describe the strange social situation they’ve found themselves in and then ask whether or not they’re in the wrong.

This is a magical place on Reddit where you can get advice on romantic relationships, friendships, workplace problems, and much more. Sometimes the questions are mind-bogglingly ridiculous, hilarious, or just plain frustrating as you witness a jerk not realize they’re being the jerk. AITA in Reddit is our favorite subreddit because, at the heart of it, it’s people trying to help one another. These are some of our favorite threads.

No therapy for you

We had to start with an infuriating post. We’re so befuddled by this parent’s reaction that we’re a little at a loss for words. The daughter’s grades will likely only get worse without therapy, and just because she’s “better” right now doesn’t mean it’s permanent. Mental health struggles are something which stick with a person their whole life.

While the edit to the post makes it seem like this person who is definitely the asshole has learned quite a bit, we still take issue with the fact they said, “I hope you guys can overcome this one day”. This showcases they still don’t exactly understand how chronic depression and anxiety works.

Moving on

Pardon the massive run-on sentences – this story is definitely worth a read. This person who felt compelled to ask AITA was, at least by the internet, deemed to be a non-asshole.

Commenters assured the original poster that this was called growing up and moving on in life – something most people consider healthy and smart. Not to mention it sounds like this person was cutting some seriously toxic people from their life.

We’re proud of this person for deciding to change their life for the better.

Cutting it short

Making fun of people for things they can’t change about themselves isn’t a nice thing to do. When you’re with family and it’s a one-off event it can be easy to brush off as a bad attempt at loving teasing.

However, when your whole family is constantly making fun of you for something you can’t control, that’s just unfair. We understand why the original poster was mad. At fifteen years of age she has plenty to worry about, she shouldn’t also have to feel uncomfortable or stressed when she’s with the people who supposedly care about her.

As for the eight-year-old? Well, the kid has probably heard the word “asshole” before already.

What do you want?

We have a sneaking suspicion this isn’t the only time this wife has been mercurial and can’t help but wonder how often this husband is trying to anticipate what his wife does or doesn’t want for various situations.

It sounds to us like she isn’t quite as much of a morning person as she once was, but isn’t ready to believe it. Getting older frequently changes sleep schedules, so maybe she should just accept she isn’t as young as she used to be – and maybe she should try not to berate her husband for waking up early due to circumstances he can’t control.

Everyone is in the wrong

Sometimes everyone is wrong. This whole situation is an absolute mess and neither of these people have handled it particularly well. While it’s great that the original poster was happy to raise the child even though it wasn’t his, that’s the only good thing about this post.

Why couldn’t they have just decided on a name they both liked for the first kid? Should they have maybe divorced when they separated the first time around?

He’s not wrong, Tuesday is a pretty poor name for a person – we wouldn’t even name a pet Tuesday. We think everyone is in a bad situation & has handled it poorly to boot. We wish them the best of luck, but they’re on their own with this one.

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