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As the new season of 'American Horror Story' begins, we're wondering if this will be the best or worst one yet. See what Twitter has to say about the show!

Is the new season of ‘American Horror Story’ the worst?

American Horror Story has had its highs and bottomless lows. That’s why with each new season premiere comes the recurring question: “Is this season actually going to be good?” This question has been all over social media leading up to the new season ten debut of American Horror Story: Double Feature

After the two-episode premiere, Twitter has been flooded with reactions, both good & bad. Is the new season of American Horror Story truly its worst? Surprisingly, Twitter believes it might just be the series’ craziest season yet! Take a look at the best memes and reactions to the new season of American Horror Story.

A loving father & daughter relationship

Many can’t help but laugh at the rising tension between a grown man and his own child.

The hate is just too obvious!

We’re all waiting for Harry to finally let it all out.

A fistfight is just the next step between these two.

It seems like Alma’s mom isn’t even safe from her disdain either.

Sarah Paulson’s shocking transformation

Twitter users wonder how series creator Ryan Murphy can do Paulson this dirty. . .

Cut Doris some slack

Looks like Doris Gardner just can’t catch a break!

Improper COVID-19 protocol detected

He could’ve at least put on some hand sanitizer. . .

Crackheads or psychotic vampires?

It’s increasingly difficult to determine. 

Will they ever leave?

Some viewers can’t help but be exhausted by how much can go wrong before this family decides to leave town. 

Do you think the new season of American Horror Story is the worst? Or is it actually the best season yet? Time will tell, but let us know what you think in the comments below!

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