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5 Best Educational Movies

Movies are a great way to relax and receive some positive emotions. They are also very effective when it comes to illustrating various life situations and lessons. Picking a great film might be the best resort you need. They have a way of educating you from real-life examples and make you think about different stuff you see. Having the chance to learn from others is an invaluable resource for any person, as it costs way less than learning on your own mistakes. Showing thought-provoking films to students of all ages serves as an excellent basis to help them form their views on different topics.

Noone can deny that using film in education is one of the greatest tools a teacher can use. We’ve selected five of the top-rated films for college- and school-age students to help teach you real-life values. The viewers can relate to the characters from these movies, especially their spirit towards education.

Read along as we help you update your movie list with favorite educational films for students.

best educational movies

Dead Poets Society

This educational movie is popular with just a few students because of its targeted audience. It’s one of the best educational films that teach old but effective methods of learning literature. Students regain their passion for literature from the true story movie of the old-fashioned teacher. Of course, not everything is roses from start to finish for the characters in the movie. Not especially when bureaucracy gums up the works.

If you need an educational movie to inspire you to connect with your affection for literature, this is the one to choose. But if you still can’t find inspiration, the PapersOwl review can be a great choice for you. They can easily help you and will be a great helper not only in literature. Most teachers explain the similarity between the problems of adolescents in the eighties and modern students today. It truly reflects the actions of a youngster and the catchphrase YOLO (You Only Live Once).

best educational movies


If you ignore the talking animals, you’d see just how many fun facts were infused into the scriptwriting of Zootopia. It is one of the animated educational movies for students that truly represents the prey-predator animal relationship. Every scene in the film captures the unpredictable existence of prey in its habitat. High school students learn perseverance during uncontrollable circumstances. This movie explains how it is possible to achieve the unbelievable with commitment and hard work.

Students understand the importance of standing against racing in this film. The animated film is based on survival in the wild and encourages humans to always look out for the best in everyone. Most parts of the movie speak against prejudice. This educational film is perfect for students of all levels. It is also a great source for literary analysis as it contains many speaking names, a lot of cases of metonymy and other literary devices.

best educational movies

Freedom Writers

Every academic researcher who lacks the inspiration to get on their passion-driven projects needs to see Freedom Writers. This is one of the movies that makes you pick up an abandoned project and give it all of your resources. The educational film shares tales of an experienced female teacher who devoted her job to grooming young talents. The transition to how students believed in themselves again is a great inspiring example for both the students and the teachers.

She prompted a couple of underachievers on the path to academic success through her own methods and achieved the most positive results. This serves as a wonderful example for the educators who struggle with the ways to motivate their students and help them achieve good things. The events in the film have served as a source of the analysis for many academic writing works. They were created with the best assignment writing service there is, and they show how this movie illustrates many life lessons. The quotes from it have been mentioned in a lot of essays.

best educational movies

The Pursuit of Happyness

Scholars from prep school to undergraduates love the characters of the Pursuit of Happyness. It’s one of the most popular films among students where a real life investor Chris Gardner is a prototype for a character who shows the importance of working hard. Of course, this does not mean that all age categories might be interested in this film, but it sure has a lesson for everyone. The movie tells youngsters about the importance of staying on the course irrespective of how tough life gets. It shows everyone that staying true to yourself and never losing hope will always lead you to achieving your most daring goals.

The Pursuit of Happyness is another educational film that proves a youngster can grow a legit income from scratch. Chris Gardner, in this film, transitioned from a homeless salesman to a boss of a brokerage house.

This immediately affected his earnings, from struggling to feed weekly to earning millions of dollars annually. The Pursuit of Happyness reminds everyone to stay determined to their goals even during unbearable circumstances.

best educational movies

Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver is an old film that might not rank top on educational movies on Netflix or Amazon prime video today. Nonetheless, this educational film has gotten so much attention, especially from undergraduates. This is a story about Ron Clark, his example in the movie shows the importance of discipline as the key to success.

Ron Clark is a math teacher who invested his effort in a set of losers by drilling them with the essence of discipline. Within two years, all the students recorded unbelievable academic success, which propelled them to pass their AP calculus exam.

Prepare to see the actions of a typical World War captain drilling his soldiers to combat. This good movie teaches students to be open to countless possibilities for success and position themselves to achieve more.

But if discipline is not about you, then EduBirdie review will be your help. They will be able to help you succeed in any learning. But discipline will still be important in your life, so maybe this film will help you.

best educational movies


Most of the films mentioned above might not be the public’s top picks for educational movies on some lists. Nevertheless, this selection would help to keep your focus on achieving academic success. Each film shares real-life examples of the people who have worked hard to overcome some difficulties, achieve goals and change their lives for the better. Watching any of these movies would help to reignite your passion for life.

Each film is an inspirational asset available for students to always watch through whenever they need motivation. Not everything in life should be learned from personal experiences, sometimes it is a great idea to make some conclusions on the basis of somebody else’s mistakes.

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