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Even if the plotline is simplistic in nature, these movies are made up of characters we’ve all grown to love.

Not Just For Kids! 8 Animated Movies Even Adults Will Enjoy Watching

We’re sure you’ve at least heard of some of the movies we’re about to flesh out for you. Even if the plotline is simplistic in nature, these movies are made up of characters we’ve all grown to love. Perhaps it owes to the fact there’s a certain element of nostalgia we feel as adults, where we reminisce on our childhood’s innocence. 

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Talking about fun, let’s jump right into these entertaining movies. Because who said that animation is just for kids? The intriguing themes of the following movies are bound to keep every adult on the edge of their seat!

1. Your Name

This is the story of two teenagers who find themselves in each other’s bodies – yes, a body swap. As they go through this experience, the two share a deep, supernatural connection. The plot takes on a further twist as the boy and girl decide to meet in person. This intricate narrative may not be fully grasped by children. In fact, this movie may appeal better to teens and adults who are bound to be mesmerized by the complexities of this mysterious and original tale. 

2. Coraline

This stop-motion animated fantasy film presents us with stunning visuals that aren’t easy to replicate. But the film goes deeper than that and revolves around one important lesson: to be grateful for what we have, even if our lives are not in their ideal form. Not everyone is able to appreciate this profound message, and kids would likely be put off by the dark and creepy aura that runs through the film. However, for those who appreciate the film’s depth, it offers a valuable reminder to appreciate the little things in life

3. The Simpsons

This series doesn’t need any introduction, and its feature film was equally raved about by fans of the show and critics alike. Although children might have watched it and many others like it, this movie might be more suitable for adults, especially since it centres around themes like global warming, parenthood, and relationships. Plus, the sexual innuendos that run throughout the film make it much more adapted to an adult audience. 

4. Persepolis

This Oscar-nominated animated masterpiece centres around one woman’s struggle for independence in the restrictive environment of 1970s Iran. We witness her struggle and that of her family to survive the war happening in the country. Since the movie includes mature themes, involving instances of violence, sexual references, and brief drug content, Persepolis might be better appreciated by an older audience. This animated film blew up the box office when it was first released and is still beloved today by adults who can appreciate its worth.

5. Encanto

This animated Disney musical is set in Columbia and features Mirabel Madrigal, the youngest granddaughter in a family that protects their magical village with supernatural powers they’ve enjoyed for two generations. However, Mirabel does not have access to these powers. Although the theme of magic may be more geared toward children, the themes of empathy, teamwork, and courage are equally relevant to an older audience. The movie also includes a beautiful portrayal of Columbian culture, as we marvel at the costumes, dance sequences, and even the food featured in the movie.

6. Zootopia

This Disney film uses animation to make a statement about prejudice and bias within society. The classic trope of animals acting like humans might be taken at face value by kids, who might appreciate the film’s fun and entertaining quality. But Zootopia also has an underlying message which mainly revolves around the importance of inclusivity and the harms that stereotypes and prejudice may cause. 

7.  Inside Out 

Inside Out takes us into the mind of an 11-year-old girl. Through the perspective of five different emotions, the movie explores the delicate dynamic between joy, sadness, fear, and disgust, as they navigate the challenges of growing up. Though the plot and characterization may seem childish, the main lesson is relevant to people of all ages: that we should embrace the full spectrum of emotions that make us human. 

8. The Incredibles

The Incredibles features Mr Incredible whose unwavering insistence on working independently proves to be his downfall. Despite his remarkable strength and skill, he soon realizes that he cannot overcome the challenges he faces alone. The movie offers a thrilling adventure for kids who enjoy the movie for its captivating action sequences and the awe-inspiring superpowers involved. However, it also appeals to adults who might be better able to appreciate its deeper themes that stress the significance of family, the importance of support systems, and the great benefits that result from working in a team.

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