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When it comes to beloved characters in the 'Toy Story' franchise, there are few as memorable and lovable as Forky. Will he appear in 'Toy Story 5'?

Will Forky be back for ‘Toy Story 5’?

Yesterday, the Walt Disney Company made a big announcement that has movie fans around the world buzzing. During their quarterly earnings call, CEO Bob Iger revealed that beloved hits such as Frozen, Toy Story, and Zootopia are getting exciting sequels! 

The studio is evidently “leaning into [its] unrivaled brands” in an effort to make sure these follow-ups do justice to originally successful entries – no doubt partly due to some less-than-perfect results from past spinoffs Lightyear and Strange World. It remains unclear if we will continue our journeys Into The Unknown or Back To Where We Started From; all we know for certain is with this news of forthcoming animated adventure comes heightened anticipation like never before!

When it comes to beloved characters in the Toy Story franchise, there are few as memorable and lovable as Forky. First appearing in Toy Story 4, Forky is the mischievous spork-turned-toy who has captured the hearts of viewers since his debut. But how did he come to be? Let’s explore the fascinating history of Forky!

The story of Forky

Forky first appeared when Bonnie Anderson made him from scrap materials she found lying around her house. Bonnie formed a body from pipe cleaners and googly eyes, gave him a popsicle stick arm and a pipe cleaner mouth, and created a personality by drawing on him with her markers. 

To make Forky come alive, Bonnie tossed him up into the air, uttering “I hereby dub thee… Forky!” Right away, it was clear that this was going to be no ordinary toy!

Forky quickly became pals with Woody and Buzz Lightyear. In addition to providing plenty of comic relief throughout the movie, it was soon revealed that Forky had an equally important role: he was able to show Woody and his new friends that they could still find joy in life even if they weren’t working for their original owner anymore. 

By being accepted by all the other toys despite his strange appearance, Forky proved that love truly is unconditional – no matter what shape you come in!

It isn’t surprising that Forky has become so popular since his feature film debut; after all, he’s cute and funny while still managing to send an inspiring message about acceptance and belonging. 

Whether through merchandise or cosplay, people all over the world have embraced this lovable little spork as if he were one of their own – a testament to why we should never judge something based on its appearance alone!

Toy Story 5

Sometimes franchises are better left alone. Our beloved Pixar classic Toy Story is getting another installment, but is it a good idea, or should Disney end the series on a good note? Ever since we said goodbye to Andy in Toy Story 3, we thought that would be the last we see of our favorite toys. However, Bob Iger had other plans. 

Luckily, we were introduced to several other loveable characters including our dear Forky. It’s unclear which direction Toy Story 5 will take or when it will be released, but we can only hope our beloved originals will make an appearance and the Toy Story legacy remains intact. 

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