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Dating during the pandemic requires a little creativity. Find out how you can improve your romantic Zoom call rendez-vous with a little professional advice.

Have a date via Zoom call? Take these beauty tips from cam girls

The pandemic has led to a strange new era of digital experiences. Now we have work meetings on Microsoft Teams, game night with friends over Discord, and dates via Zoom call.

Odds are, after just a couple of video calls you started to realize webcams aren’t quite as flattering as Instagram filters. In fact, a lot of people have noticed webcams somehow make people look worse than they do even in real life. If, after months of the pandemic, you’re tired of trying to figure out how to get your webcam to showcase your “good side” on your own, we can provide you with some tips.

Sex workers, like camgirls, are no strangers to digital work & as such, they’ve figured out how to look glamorous over a live feed. If you’ve swiped right on a cutie and decided to take the plunge, “meet” them on Zoom for a date! Here are what digital sex workers are calling imperative tips.

Ring light

Annoyed that your video feed seems pixelated & dark even though when you bought a new USB enabled webcam it promised to be high definition? The problem is your lighting. Cameras need a lot of light for even remotely decent looking images.

Buying a ring light, which is literally a ring of super bright LEDs, will provide concentrated light pointed at your face without creating distractingly dark shadows. The ring structure provides light from every angle, meaning you won’t have a “good side” anymore – they’re all going to look fabulous.


Believe it or not, multiple sex workers stressed the importance of eyelashes. One woman, named Janice Griffith said, “Your eyelashes look like sh!* on camera, no matter how long and beautiful they look in person”.

The solution? Multiple camgirls recommend fake eyelashes. You don’t have to go for incredibly long ones, but getting some short & natural-looking ones can enhance your lovely lashes so that on camera they look the way they do in real life.

Choosing your makeup look

If you don’t know what your date is into, multiple sex workers agree that “light and natural, even innocent” is a pretty safe bet when deciding what kind of aesthetic to create when applying your makeup – at least for most male demographics.

However, it also depends on what kind of message you want to send to whoever is on the other side. Former stripper and current OnlyFans performer, Gemini Baby admits she prefers edgier looks with smokey eyes & red or black lipstick. However, she’s also doing BDSM content – which might not be first date material for most people, but hey, to each their own.

They also note that videos generally require more dramatic makeup, so even if you’re going for a more natural look you’re likely going to need to add a little more makeup than you’d usually dare to wear when going out in public so that it translates on camera.


Another passionate topic for the women who provided tips was skincare. Exfoliating, moisturizing, and taking care of your skin are very important. They also stressed that finding makeup with the right shades to match your skin tone is important, but can be difficult & require a lot of research.

“As someone with a darker complexion I deal with ‘dark spots,’ or hyperpigmentation, which picks up pretty drastically on camera,” says camgirl Haven the Great. Her solution is to use concealer, but again, finding the right one for you may take some effort.

Don’t let the camera win

The camera will feel like your enemy, and we’re not here to defend your webcam, we know how annoying they can be. However, Haven the Great came in with some more super helpful tips to make sure your face looks flawless for your Zoom call date.

Her most important tip? Blending. “Lighting brings out all the imperfections” she says. This means little errors in the application that you can get away with in real life can look glaringly obvious on the computer screen.

If you get a ring light, Haven the Great also warns the lights can make you start to feel pretty hot in a short period of time, so she recommends making sure you have a good setting powder to keep your face matte & fresh. Nobody wants to look greasy & shiny on a first date.

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