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How are Zendaya and Tom Holland celebrating her birthday?

Happy birthday to Zendaya! On this day in Sept. 1996, the beloved Euphoria and Spider-Man actress was born. Naturally, this means that her fans & friends, including her possibly-but-unconfirmed boyfriend Tom Holland, are wishing her well on this, the day of her birth. So how is Twitter celebrating? How is Tom Holland breaking the internet this time? 

Well, Tom Holland posted an instagram of himself and Zendaya, with the note “Call me when u wake up xxx”. He also called her his “MJ”. Are…are we sure they’re not dating? We’re getting some major date vibes, but whatever. Let’s dive into the well wishes, shall we? 


*squints suspiciously*

The message feels very clear.


Good morning!

Yep. The Tom Holland and Zendaya stans are awake.



Look at how iconic she truly is.


What a day! 

Ah it is a glorious day.


They are freaking out

Honestly a lot of these posts about Zendaya’s birthday message from Tom Holland.


You should see her in a crown

Wear that crown, Queen Z.


What does it mean?!

Is it confirmation?!


Heck yeah! 

An excellent video to bring back.



“Mate” to “MY MJ”?!?!?!


Get it, Z!

Continue to be the dominating force that you are in the world, girl.

How are you wishing Zendaya a happy birthday? Are you freaking out about Tom Holland’s birthday post? Let us know in the comments below! 

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