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Gain core strength by laughing at these work out memes

Working out is always on our daily schedules. Whether we choose to follow through with it is another story entirely. Let’s face it, COVID-19 was and still is a struggle for many of us, for finding the motivation to better ourselves physically is simply not a top priority these days, given the mountains of mental stress.

So, we want to look at some of the funniest workout memes on Twitter that best capture all of the hypocrisies of getting swole, from the bad habits we exhibit at the gym to the awkward phrases we always wind up saying when we’re there. Care to get your pump on with us as we check out the best workout memes on Twitter? 

A healthy start to the day

Pushups in the morning never work out the way we envision it. 

Extra effort

People always seem to try harder when their crush walks onto the gym floor. These workout memes get it. 

The greatest victory

Sometimes just getting out of bed in the morning is a win. 

They’re not wrong

Bending over hurts for all of us who don’t do yoga. Right, workout memes? 

Weird flex

But OK. 

Spongebob memes always win

But where’s Larry the lobster? He’s supposed to be our spotter


We all got a little puffy during the heavy-hitting times of the pandemic. These workout memes understand our pain. 


Well, we are nearing basic b!+@# season after all! 

Two for one

Bargain bin gym workout memes are great for everyone. 

Gym superlatives 

We all do . . . can’t hide from the truth behind these gym memes.

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