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The NFL is officially back! How are we celebrating the return of football today? With some of the best NFL memes, of course!

NFL is back today! Here’s the best football memes to share in celebration

The NFL is back, baby! This past weekend, football fans from around the world rejoiced in the exciting fact that football has once again entered our sad & pathetic pandemic lives, which of course means more tailgating, more BBQ, and more day drinking. Don’t worry, we said it, not you. 

Today, after an exciting first week of football, we compiled some of the funniest NFL memes that that best captures the spirit of America’s favorite sport, with the end goal of holding up a mirror to many obnoxious NFL fans so that they can see just how big of NFL superfans they really are. Care to dive into some of the best football memes we could find, today? Jump on in. 

Brady wins again . . . 

And the scariest thing about the Bucs week one win against the Cowboys? Tom Brady looked as young as ever. Retire, old man! 

What an amazing week one of football

Fans are already ready for more weekend football, like seriously ready, almost desperately ready. 

Social distancing 

Chicago Bears doing their part to stop the spread, even in the middle of a football game. 

“A little off today, Greg.” 

Cowboy’s kicker “Greg the Leg” was a little off last Thursday night. 

The rookie

It was hilariously shocking to learn that the New England Patriots were going with rookie Mac Jones as their starting QB over vet Cam Newton, given their “body” of work.  

NFC North off to an abysmal start

And that includes you too, Aaron Rodgers! Step it up, today. 

Everyone remembers when Vontae Davis retired at halftime, right? 

We have to assume Aaron Rogers would do the same if he got the Jeopardy job today. 

Shrek scrambles 

Why does this NFL meme make us laugh so hard? 

One-man show

Lamar Jackson has to literally put it all on his back each and every week. Football comes so easy yet so hard for this man. 

The reigning Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers still have it!

As do the refs that helped them win, apparently.

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