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We've all been stuck working from home for almost a year now. We've gathered some of the most relatable memes from this year.

Work from home? Here are all the most relatable memes

Working from home is a burden that’s been placed on many of us in the workforce in 2020. It was a lifestyle thought to have long involved pajamas, afternoon Mai Tais, and other leisure activities. However, as many of us have learned these past nine months, working from home, while offering certain benefits, doesn’t exactly fit that “paradise in our living room” mold we shaped it to be. 

Here are ten great memes that hilariously remind us of work from home culture, and what it has evolved into:


There was that extra unnecessary hour or even longer we spent every morning getting ready and driving to the office. If the “High Sparrow” in Game of Thrones can look like he has rolled around in s#!% and can still be in the good graces of a higher power, then I think it’s forgivable if we go on looking ratchet AF, too. 

What do you mean, “social interaction”?

For every good thing working from home has given us, we mustn’t forget what it has taken away. Remember when talking to people was a thing? The only emotion we offer others today is based on how firmly we punch our keyboard when we’re typing to them. The idea of any kind of face-to-face feels like a first interview all over again. 


At least with the time that it took us to shower, get dressed, and drive to work, we were able to fully wake up. Today? We roll out of bed fifteen minutes before our required login times and feel like we’ve almost gotten too much of a headstart for the day. When did we become such overachievers?  

My pain is everyone else’s

It’s nice to know that the world is suffering with you, right? The only better comfort than working from home is the comfort of knowing that we’re all slowly losing our minds together

System in place

For parents who work from home with a house full of kids, we completely endorse your methods in order to ensure a productive workday, even if that means giving your kids the freedom to destroy the house so long as you make your deadline. 


Many have tried to master the art of “working from home, but not really”. If this has ever happened to you, well let’s just say that we hope your purchase was worth it of course if it was Target then the answer is always “yes”.


Listen, there’s nothing wrong with putting on a little quarantine weight. Working from home can be stressful, so if taking in a few extra scones with your coffee order is your best way to decompress, then by all means, do it! 

Be “present”

As long as you show up, they can never question your effort of dressing up from the waist down

Run it back

So, yeah . . . I think this has happened with every company that tries to conduct a large Zoom meeting. Nobody wants to be the first to leave, and with there being criteria to measure your personal performance, it’s never a bad idea to wait till after the boss signs off, first. 

Tech fights back

To be fair, maybe our own work from home equipment doesn’t want to work that hard, either. Our computers have been getting as much use in 2020 as our tissue boxes and Red Vines bucket supply. 

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