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Is there anything more bittersweet than the melodic tones of heartbreak? Look at the texts that have Bebe Rexha back on the market.

Was Bebe Rexha really fat-shamed and *dumped* due to weight gain?

Is there anything more bittersweet than the melodic tones of heartbreak?

The high energy vibes at Bebe Rexha’s London concert on July 28 took an unexpectedly raw turn. While the crowd was ready to get lost in the beat of “Atmosphere,” the 33-year-old singer paused, hinting at a recent breakup with her beau of three years, Keyan Safyari. The audience, in return, showed their love. But what truly transpired between these two?

Texts, Tensions, and Tweets

Scarcely two weeks before her emotional London performance, Bebe made waves on social media, sharing texts reportedly from Keyan. In these messages, the cinematographer touched on a sensitive topic: Bebe’s weight gain. While he defended his remarks, insisting he had always been forthright with her, the public had already taken a keen interest in their relationship dynamics.

This wasn’t the first time the “Me, Myself & I” star felt the need to defend her body. “I know I got fat,” she publicly shared in a tweet on June 23, adding her frustration over the constant chatter surrounding her physique. Yet, in every storm, a rainbow can emerge, and Bebe’s was in the form of her devoted fanbase. Their overwhelming support became a silver lining amidst the controversies.

Text Unveiled

As the spotlight intensely focused on Bebe’s personal life, some may forget the impact of her music. The songstress has lent her vocals to chart-toppers like “Meant to Be” and has collaborated with industry giants. But like any artist, the road to stardom isn’t without bumps.

Flashback to a 2010 meeting with Pete Wentz. This encounter led to Bebe becoming the lead vocalist of Wentz’s new venture, Black Cards. However, in 2012, she ventured solo, signing with Warner Bros. Records in 2013. Success wasn’t immediate; it took time, collaborations, and a deep dive into songwriting. But her resilience paid off, with tracks like “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You” cementing her reputation.

From Triumph to Turbulence

Life, however, continues its unpredictable dance. A recent concert incident saw a fan hurling a phone at Bebe, leading to a brief injury. The aftermath? An arrest and an outpouring of support for the injured star, who confirmed she was alright after the mishap.

Yet, even amidst these challenges, Bebe’s artistry shines through. Her recent collaboration with David Guetta, “I’m Good (Blue),” samples the nostalgic beats of Eiffel 65’s “Blue (Da Ba Dee),” capturing the collective yearning for a simpler time, especially after years of global pandemic isolation.

As Bebe continues to navigate the challenges of fame, relationships, and personal growth, one question remains: where will her journey take her next?

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