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'Warrior Nun' has kept its place in Netflix's top ten list since last month, but why? Here's all you need to know about this thrilling sapphic drama.

Here is why ‘Warrior Nun’ needs to be on your save list

Knowing which TV shows are worth watching could be really hard in the middle of the ocean of options the postmodern digital era has to offer. But as you might know by now, one of our missions in Film Daily is to guide you through this entertaining  journey showing you the best titles and obviously, where to stream them, if possible, for free. Here’s why Warrior Nun is described as Netflix’s underrated treasure. 

Measuring the success of a TV show is a complex duty, it does not always depend on the promotion offered by the platform for its series & movies. Warrior Nun is a great Netflix example of this, since the series is once again positioned on the most-watched list without the platform advertising its premiere. Some products are sold on their own without any kind of publicity, the same happens with good movies & TV shows.

Although Warrior Nun‘s first season popped in 2020, its second season release in November was extremely well received. This is a lot to say due to the fact that 2020 was a pandemic year when honestly any TV show was acceptable in order to distract our minds from the terrible scenario we were all living in. Yet, it looks like Warrior Nun is more than a TV show to kill time, and here’s why. 

Why is Warrior Nun worth watching?

By now, Warrior Nun has kept its place in Netflix’s top ten, three weeks after its release. The series isn’t just a new script out of nowhere, it was based on Ben Dunn’s comic of the same name and is written and directed by Simon Barry. Warrior Nun tells the story of Ava Silva, a young orphan who joins an ancient order of warrior nuns when she realizes that she has supernatural abilities.

We’ve watched several TV shows with this same structure, the girl realizing her power and attending a specialized school. It’s a common narrative archetype. We’ve watched this previously in American Horror Story’s third season Coven, and more recently in Netflix Wednesday starring Jenna Ortega. Let’s have in mind this second title is also in the platform’s top ten, but is it all due to the story?

Warrior Nun has been described as the latest sapphic obsession, which is another great archetype that engages audiences, a lesbian nun. The series also has great production and counts on several surprising script twists that just make you want to stay in front of the screen all day figuring out what’s coming next. And last but not least the chemistry between the couple formed by Ava & Beatrice is insuperable.

This TV show has generated an army of loyal fans among its viewers and although it pops during the confinement. Definitely, the power of good sapphic dramas should never be underestimated.

Why is this show special?

Warrior Nun is all about strong, hyper-powerful women reivindicación the figure of the nun, fighting crime and starring sapphic romances. If that’s not enough to shoot a massive success in our era then we’re entirely lost! This TV series has shown to be a worth-watching piece no matter where you judge it from. Its love story moves from the cliche and allows each character to develop deeply individually.  

It’s important to have movies & TV shows that portray complex romantic relationships that do not loosen each character’s authenticity. All this should be specially taken into consideration when we’re talking about female characters as well as “diverse” sexual orientations, like in this case the lesbic one.

Representation is one of the most powerful devices to change society,  and walk to a most inclusive & conscious world. The existence of storylines that hold new romance proposals as well as strong female characters is key in this particular moment of life. If you’re looking for something nutritious to binge watch Warrior Nun is a great option.  

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