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Netflix is back at it again with another heartbreaking cancellation. Why does 'Warrior Nun' deserve season 3? Can we save the show Netflix abandoned?

Here’s why ‘Warrior Nun’ needs a season 3: NOW

Netflix is back at it again with another heartbreaking cancellation. The beloved show Warrior Nun has faced Netflix’s wrath and now an entire fandom is in mourning. It’s easy to see why especially given the show’s amazing performance and reviews when each season has been released.

Why does Warrior Nun deserve season 3? Could another streaming service save the show Netflix abandoned? 

The best characters in Warrior Nun: A comprehensive analysis

Warrior Nun has quickly become one of the most popular streaming shows of the year. The show follows a group of powerful female warriors who are tasked with protecting humanity from supernatural threats. With an impressive cast of characters, it’s no wonder the show is so beloved. 

First up is Ava Silva. Ava is a young orphan girl who wakes up to find she has been chosen as a warrior nun and granted extraordinary powers. She takes on her new role as protector of humanity with courage and determination, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds. Despite her deadly training, Ava retains her innocence which makes her a likable heroine that viewers can root for and relate to.

Next on our list is Adriel (played by Toya Turner). Adriel is an angelic being who has been sent to Earth to guide Ava in her mission as the warrior nun. He comes across as mysterious but kind, often appearing when he’s needed most to lend aid or advice. His unwavering loyalty toward Ava makes him one of the show’s most beloved characters and his importance to the story cannot be understated.

We also have Father Vincent (played by Tristan Ulloa). Despite his grumpy exterior, Vincent is actually an incredibly talented priest who serves as both Ava’s mentor and father figure. His mentorship helps to guide Ava through some difficult times in her life and he ultimately teaches her valuable lessons about self-empowerment and facing fear head-on. Vincent is undoubtedly one of Warrior Nun‘s strongest supporting characters who continues to bring depth to the story with every episode he appears in.

Our last character on this list is Jillian Salvius (played by Thekla Reuten). Jillian is an ambitious yet determined scientist whose ultimate goal is to seek justice for all wrongs committed against women throughout history. She clashes with Ava at times due to their different beliefs but ultimately they come together when it matters most in order to save mankind from destruction. Her strength and courage make her an excellent example for other young women watching Warrior Nun and she has proven herself time and again as one of the show’s most integral characters.

Warrior Nun boasts an impressive roster of characters that help make it one of the best streaming shows available today. Each character brings something unique to the table which adds layers upon layers of complexity for viewers to enjoy. Whether you’re a fan of intense action sequences, heartwarming moments between Ava’s sisters, with dialogue delivered by Sister Shannon or inspiring speeches delivered by Jillian, there is something everyone loves about Warrior Nun.

Examining LGBT representation in Warrior Nun

The Netflix show Warrior Nun has quickly become one of the most talked-about series of the year. The show follows a group of powerful female warriors tasked with protecting humanity from supernatural threats. What sets this show apart is its diverse cast and inclusive storylines that showcase LGBT representation in modern television. In this article, we will take a closer look at how Warrior Nun is tackling the issue head-on and why it’s so important for viewers to have access to these stories.

Sister Beatrice (played by Kristina Tonteri-Young) identifies as bisexual which is revealed in an early episode when she admits her feelings for Ava (played by Alba Baptista). This storyline has been praised by both fans and critics alike due to the fact that it portrays bisexuality in a respectful manner that focuses on love rather than stereotypes or stigma associated with the LGBT community.

Overall, Warrior Nun does an excellent job of representing various members of the LGBT community throughout its run. Whether it be through gentle scenes between Adriel and Ava or empowering speeches given by Sister Beatrice, there are moments scattered throughout the entire series that give us hope brighter future ahead. It’s clear that this show strives to be inclusive of all its characters, no matter sexuality, gender identity, or religious beliefs, making it standout work within medium television.

Do you think Warrior Nun deserves a second chance? What would you want to see in season 3? Let us know in the comments.

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