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Are you a U.S. map and state trivia expert who just loves weird and wonderful facts? Prove it! Grab your hat and take our quiz.

Think you know the U.S. map by heart? Take our quiz to know for sure

Q. Why do paper maps never win at poker? A. Because they always fold.

Are you a U.S. geography buff? If you didn’t sleep through high school (or wherever), this quiz is definitely for the nerd in you. It’s chock full of fun facts from coast to coast of the fifty states.

We’ll make all the stops, from the magnificent northwest to the splendiferous southeast. This cross-country trip will show you the obscure and offbeat points of interest on the map. So fasten your seatbelts – it’s going to be a wild ride! Be sure to share your results with your fellow nerd herders and tweet us @FilmDailyNews

What’s your state of knowledge? Test yourself in our “monument”-al U.S. map quiz

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