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TikTok star Addison Rae is a Trump supporter? Discover their encounter at UFC 264 that left fans more broken than Connor McGregor's ankle.

Does TikTok star Addison Rae support former President Donald Trump?

Apparently UFC 264 this past weekend had more to offer than just a series of shocking tweets regarding Connor McGregor’s broken ankle, as fans of this exciting albeit violent sport flocked to social media to touch on the slew of celebrities spotted across the audience. However, perhaps no one was more noticeable than the previous president of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

In fact, one of the many shocking videos making headway this week is Lethal Weapon actor Mel Gibson, who, unless his doppelganger was present, was seen saluting the former president. However, people have been turned off by Mel Gibson for nearly a decade now, as today’s appeal rests in the era of TikTok and Instagram. So, in that spirit, it’s only natural that socialite Addison Rae be put in the spotlight.

Of course, we know Addison Rae, most prominent for her TikTok’s during a long fifteen-month quarantine. However,  in a moment caught on camera, Addison Rae actually went up to the former president of the United States Donald Trump and offered him some encouraging words as well as the kind gesture of a handshake. Of course, this means we have to cancel Addison Rae now, right? 

Who is Addison Rae?

20-year-old Addison Rae is an American social media personality, best known for her viral work on TikTok. She’s also known as a singer, dancer, and actress. She’s also been known for popping in on other popular TikTok & YouTube accounts for that side hustle . . . gotta make it while you can, we suppose. 

Rae was born on October 6th, 2000, in Louisiana. Her parents, who’ve had an on-and-off relationship for her entire life, are also popular on TikTok, with her dad totaling five million followers while her mom has nearly 13 million. Addison Rae also has two younger brothers. 

Addison Rae began her own TikTok account in July of 2019 when her dancing videos began to go viral. As of February 2021, Rae has surpassed the 78 million follower threshold, ranking as the number two most followed influencer on TikTok, just behind Charli D’Amelio. Rae was actually named by Forbes as the highest-earning TikTok personality in 2020, with a net worth of around $5 million. 

UFC 264

Quickly released on the internet was a video of Addison Rae walking up to Donald Trump and tapping him on the shoulder. When he turns around, Rae introduces herself to him. “I am Addison. I have to say hi. Hello. So nice to meet you,” she says. Her friends behind her then make comments about the interaction like, “Addison Rae exposed”, “She knows what she’s doing” and “Trump’s gonna f%^& her, easy.”

As Donald Trump remains to this day a public figure who is polarizing to over half the country, specifically due to what many consider to be “hateful” views, you can only imagine the disappointment in fans of Addison Rae, who immediately took to Twitter to cry out for a good reason why Addison Rae needed to meet him so badly. Hopefully, this one won’t hurt Rae’s TikTok account too badly. 

That being said, while Addison Rae has not yet commented publicly about the video of her encounter with Donald Trump, it does answer what many speculated since  September 2020, in that Addison Rae votes Republican. The TikTok star has denied this claim, acknowledging that she has never registered to vote as well as debunking the rumor that she had a Donald Trump presidential flag in her bedroom.

What are your thoughts on Addison Rae? Were you shocked to see the video of her meeting Donald Trump? Do you follow her on TikTok? Do you even have a TikTok account? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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