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'Twentyfiveish' won IndieWire’s 2016 project of the year, and with good reason. Here's why 'Twentyfiveish' is a must-watch.

New webseries ‘Twentyfiveish’: All the reasons it’s a must-watch

If you’re looking for a quick watch with relatable characters, a sense of humor, and isn’t something hidden behind a paywall, then Twentyfiveish is the web-series for you. Twentyfiveish is about a group of five high school friends who have parted ways, but agree to a mini-reunion when they’re all twenty-five years old.

The series is produced by Brendan Robinson (who also plays Tucker in Twentyfiveish) is best known for his role as Lucas Gottesman in Pretty Little Liars. This web-series is Robinson’s first project as a producer.

Twentyfiveish won IndieWire’s 2016 project of the year, and with good reason. The show is an honest glimpse into what twenty-something-year-olds experience in the world today. Some feel as if they’ve barely started acting like an adult, and others have fully-fledged careers and marriages.

The new web-series, which premiered its first episode on April 27th has five episodes, every ten minutes or under. This makes the show’s exploration of young adult life an easy watch. However, the quick time doesn’t prevent it from being heartfelt and surprisingly accurate to the millennial experience.

The show stars Katelyn Tarver as Rosie, Ben Welch as Griffin, Brendan Robinson as Tucker, Valerie Lucas as Stella, and Ritesh Rajan as the unexpected guest Ben.

The show was co-written by Katie Micay, Kyle Bown, and Jacquelyn Ryan, who together have numerous writing credits on popular television shows including The Mentalist, Pretty Little Liars, and American Woman.

If you’re still not convinced, we can assure you Twentyfiveish is an emotional, engaging, and fair portrayal of what it could look like if you met up with your estranged high school besties. The past and the present collide in ways nobody can anticipate, and while some wounds may receive closure, others may be reopened.

Twentyfiveish is what #adulting feels like, and the format of being a web-series (available on YouTube, IGTV, Facebook, and Twitter) makes it feel all the more realistic – instead of something trying to pander to millennials. The way the characters talk, interact, and behave makes them feel like real people, not characters on a set.

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