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Ullu is one of the top streaming platforms in India. These are the 5 best series to binge-watch at home on weekends from Ullu.

Joel Marshall is the host of the beloved web series 'Lunch Therapy', which airs on Tuesdays and Fridays. Get ready to discover your new favorite show.

The first step to creating a successful web series is coming up with an idea and writing it down. For the rest, use these helpful tips to guide

'On a List' takes stereotypical romcom tropes and reinvents them into a moving and personal web series. Here's why you need to binge it now.

Zenith Ander has been making waves in Hollywood, and her latest web series 'Roommates' proves she's got the talent to make far.

Pablo Bobadilla's first foray into the TV world is through the web series 'Smoking Gun'. But it's not just some boring old sci-fi show.

Xenia Leblanc is trying to help change the female narrative with her new series 'Gritty & Pretty', all about a female boxer and her best friend.

'But She's My Best Friend' is revolutionizing the TV comedy by taking the boring old "roommates" cliches and breathing new life into them.

'Twentyfiveish' won IndieWire’s 2016 project of the year, and with good reason. Here's why 'Twentyfiveish' is a must-watch.