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Want to create a page-turner? Here's everything to know about writing trash romance novels. Entice your readers by following these tips and tricks!

10 Trashy Books’ Trigger Points to Attract the Readers: Patterns That Will Work

From author success to the whole trashy book industry, trashy books have grown rapidly not only supported by the commercial acumen like dreamestories, but also all those readers’ and authors’ passion of the romantic literary world. With 10 years of experience exploring the secret to success of trashy books among the trending werewolf romance billionaire romance stories and the dubcon books, as well as the literature value of creative writing or reading experience, here are the 10 tips as the trigger points of trashy books that we collected in an objective way. 

Trigger Point 1: Understanding of Gender / Lgbt Interaction

We all know that no matter werewolf romance, billionaire romance stories or dubcon books,  romance is a constant theme in trash books. From that, we have spawned all kinds of compelling and successful trashy books.

At the same time, the romance fiction that is the basis of the trashy book’s success cannot be ignored is the sexual relationships that shape its entire storyline. In BDSM Novels, we defined the visible understanding of the figure as a dominant character and a sub. It is a kind of expanded mapping of sexual relationships and lgbt relationships.

The same pattern exists in the world of the Omegaverse. Alpha and Omega. This genre might also include werewolf romance and billionaire romance stories. The model of one strong versus the other is not a one-man model, but one that is also prevalent in the trashy book category today. The relationship does not have to run through the whole story, but evolves as the plot evolves, with one absolutely dominating the other, and then, reversing their positions, and finally reaching a certain balance.

Then a hormone-fueled trashy book needs us to pay attention to its undeniable relationship strengths. By taking the contrast and the extreme exaggeration and the emphasis, you can use the contrast of the relationship to create the very subtle chemistry that makes a trashy book appealing.

Trigger Point 2: Understanding of Humanity vs Human Nature 

Humanity is a topic that we explore in all our literature. Many people used to ridicule and criticize the description and arrangement of all human nature parts in trashy books including best werewolf pnr, dubcon books and those billionaire romance stories, which have been criticized as unreasonable, so that people feel them are childish, out of play. That is the reason why readers cannot be immersed in the book. In some cases, they may even feel that some trashy books are boring. 

In fact, some authors of trashy books ignore the portrayal and treatment of human nature in the process of creation. Human nature itself is made up of two parts, the angelic side, and the demonic side. Unlike a culture of thriller and terror, human nature’s pursuit of gain and luck is immutable. 

Seeking but not found; seeking and then found; Found without seeking for it, these three could be the simple summary of several arguments about human nature. 

It can be rationalized, for example, a neglected character suddenly gets attention to became a fiction werewolf or a character who fails all the way suddenly gets favor by the public like to be in romantic love with the billionaire and a character who has no bright spot gets the admire from some forced scenes with a favorable character in all those dubcon books, all these are the points that can stimulate the pleasant experience of trashy book readers. At the same time, remember to be sure to suppress your original setting for accidentally enough or hard enough like in dubcon books for people to empathize and to make sense at all.

Trigger Point 3: Understanding of the Pattern of Trending and Classical Masterpieces 

The classic Sherlock Holmes series has been spin-off in various forms, without fanfiction, spin-offs, movies, or soap operas. In addition, not only romance novels based on the original works are enduring, but literary and television works based on the original characters are still extremely popular. MD.House is based on the characters of Sherlock Holmes. House is Sherlock and Wilson is Watson. They are both very intensive, brilliant, and isolated. And they both have a very loyal, tough, and people-personed friend who understand them and always being supportive. 

The character settings like this are not only just Sherlock Holmes. Star War, Harry Potter and even Marvels characters are being recreating again and again cause the fact is people buy it, that is something about world setting does not even age as time passes by. 

What about trashy books like werewolf pnr or billionaire romance? As you might already notice that after one single case has succeeded, women readers are always overly sensitive about the main roles even though there is not actually relationships or romance story lines at all.  

And when they cannot be satisfied by the original, they create some dubcon books to satisfy themselves. Thus, you can see the romance stories of Harry and Draco as well as all the Draco-centered series being so popular and trending while the original Harry Porter does not include too many scenes of Draco. And after Legend of Tom Tardy was on and started a Vibe of sexy Twins, the series of Twins Romance began mixed and recreated within the werewolf pnr and billionaire romance stories. 

Trigger Point 4: Understanding of the 4 Desires of Regrets and Expectations

People have a strong desire to manipulate time in the world. These two desires are embodied in the control of the future and the past. People want to control their lives just as they want to achieve their expectations for the future and their revisions for the past. 

This desire is most difficult to achieve, so we have trashy books. Trashy books, as an undeniable existence, try to play an important role in the rotation and control of time and space among people, or to be more precise, among the readers. It enriches people is minds and fulfills their wishes. 

Therefore, in trashy books, the fulfillment of romantic stories like werewolf romance, billionaire romance stories himself and so on is based on the revision of the unknown and the past. And the success of the “After” series is a thing of the past. The new trend is also a sense of control over the past, and what has happened. With the present and the past, just as everyone has ever wanted to make up for the shortcomings of their past by giving a new look to their former selves, friends, and enemies and even an ex. Reality is great, so why not have the present, future, and ex all at the same time.


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