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Is The Weeknd using his new look to tease a new album?

Quite some time has passed since The Weeknd came out with his “plastic surgery” look, and the internet still isn’t over his shocking new aesthetic. The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, has never been one to shy away from making a statement with his appearance – even if sometimes the look makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

While his lyrical talents & musical genius is thoroughly conveyed in his latest album, The Weeknd’s ability to create a moody & dark atmosphere with his new look has taken the album to a whole new level. The “Starboy” hitmaker’s dedication to his aesthetic left pretty much every critic & fan in awe, but we’re still left wondering the reason for his new cosmetic surgery look.

Extreme new look

The Weeknd took off his creepy bandages to debut a radical face alteration in his latest video for his song, “Save Your Tears”. His face looked swollen with fillers and adjusted by plastic surgery. Even the video is carefully stylized to reflect the singer’s dark artistic take. 

The four-minute-long cinematic gem of a video opens with The Weeknd singing onstage for a masked crowd. A spotlight hits the singer’s face and exposes what seems to be a heavily-filled face, complete with surgical scarring around the ears. The Weeknd then goes off the stage and walks amidst the spectators, all of whom sit quietly behind their glittery masks.

The video reaches the dramatic peak when a spotlight is cast on one of the unmasked crowd members – a girl who might be shown as a possible love interest. The Weeknd walks her up onto the stage, takes out a gun, and places it in her hand. He then urges her to press the barrel against his forehead, but she screams and the screen fades to black. 

We then see The Weeknd holding the gun to his head and pulling the trigger, but instead of a bullet, the gun fires out confetti. In a sinister fashion, The Weeknd then laughs before the credits roll. 

All through the music video, The Weeknd’s face remains unnaturally happy, which is a tad bit unsettling. However, committing to unsettling themes is nothing new for the singer. For instance, the video for “Starboy” opens with The Weeknd asphyxiating a version of himself.

The Weeknd is famous for having a touch of darkness in his songs & music videos but his latest heavily botoxed & altered visage has the internet buzzing with all sorts of theories. 

Snubbed at the Grammy Awards

The Weeknd’s harsh cosmetic surgery look has fans theorizing that he used makeup & prosthetics to communicate his hopelessness at being snubbed by this year’s Grammy Awards despite the success of his hit album After Hours. According to the fans, the singer likely believes he has to be fake in order to be recognized by The Recording Academy. 

Dig at ex-girlfriend

Many fans believe The Weeknd’s exaggerated prosthetics & severe plastic surgery appearance is a dig at his famous ex-girlfriend, Bella Hadid. We can’t confirm this theory, however, since both Hadid and her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star mom have repeatedly denied the cosmetic enhancement rumors.

New album on the way

Since The Weeknd has finally pulled off his disturbing bandages and revealed his altered visage, we believe that a new album might be coming our way. He’d been sporting the battered look for the past year to promote his After Hours album, but now that he’s revealed the ultimate look, maybe it’s time for a new Weeknd era to begin. 

And if his Super Bowl teaser trailer is any indication, we’re probably on the right track. The trailer shows The Weeknd pulling up to the Super Bowl, and his face is sans prosthetics or bandages.

Do you think after The Weeknd’s final reveal, a new album is in the works? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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