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Sam Smith's punk runway strut at Paris Fashion Week stirred real buzz. But can they vamp their way to the Grammys or will their fashion disruption hit a

Dig into the spicy twist of Ice Spice's net worth, where Grammy glory might spell bankruptcy. Discover the rap queen's financial tightrope in this gilded meltdown.

Fans have seen Madonna’s recent health scare caused many to think “Is Madonna dead?” Let’s take a look at the recent rumors.

Madonna has been in the music industry for over four decades. Here are the best songs she released in the 90s.

Cheri Moon is an incredible performer who creates music with a deeper purpose. Dive right into her work and find some new tunes for your playlist.

With all the music and movie projects under her belt, how much is Lady Gaga currently worth? Little monsters, her actual net worth will shock you!

Pop singer Adele has always had a rocky relationship with her father. Unfortunately, he recently passed away. Learn all about their relationship here.

Happy Birthday to the Grammy award-winning and talented musician Lizzo! Celebrate her special day with us by jamming to her best songs!

Lizzo recently posted a gorgeous nude photo on Instagram, and fans are loving it. Find out what the talented star has to say about self-love here.