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Did you love seeing 'The Princess Switch' on Netflix in 2018? Get ready for the sequel with Vanessa Hudgens coming this holiday season.

‘The Princess Switch: Switched Again’ gives you *three* Vanessa Hudgens

We know you’re probably elbow deep in a pumpkin right now and planning where you want to put your brand new six foot plastic skeleton, since it’s the month of spooks, peak autumn, and of course, Halloween.

However, consumerism transcends the bounds of holidays and this includes Netflix. The streaming giant has already announced their Christmas movie (and TV show) lineup. Since 2020 is the year that time officially stopped having meaning we’ve decided to embrace this fact & we’re going full steam ahead on both Halloween & Christmas simultaneously.

One of the movies on our absolutely-must-watch list? The Princess Switch: Switched Again – here’s why.

First movie

The first movie, titled The Princess Switch, came out in 2018 and seemed to be capitalizing on Netflix’s success with A Christmas Prince from the previous year. Both are very Princess Diaries in nature where a normal girl suddenly finds herself being swept up into the royal lifestyle of a small unheard of country, but each executes the theme in their own ways.

The Princess Switch features Vanessa Hudgens pulling a Parent Trap where she plays two different characters who swap places – one is a princess named Margaret & the other is a baker named Stacy who’s preparing for a baking competition. (Though the baking competition barely even makes a cameo in the movie.) The women run into one another only to realize they’re perfect doppelgängers.

The two decide to swap places for a bit because that’s not totally crazy at all – and then romance, light drama, and Christmas shenanigans ensue to viewers’ delight.

The sequel

The Princess Switch: Switched Again is set to bring back your favorite duo Vanessa Hudgens & Vanessa Hudgens, but they’re adding a third doppelgänger to the mix. Yes, Hudgens will be playing three different characters, who all just happen to look alike, in one movie.

There’s no trailer for the sequel movie yet, but we do know the third character will be Margaret’s party-loving cousin named Fiona. Our two previous characters Margaret and Stacy find themselves with slight relationship problems, and Fiona will join the fray as a bubbly woman with a troubled past.

When Hudgens first read the script she said she thought, “Ooh man, this is going to be a lot of work”. She laters says, “I was very excited to create yet another character and had such a blast doing so.” She also admits figuring out the shot list for the movie was rather confusing at times.

Why we’re excited

Christmas rom-coms are a special kind of movie. While regular rom-coms make us feel a bit depressed afterwards because life just isn’t that perfect, Christmas rom-coms get a pass for being unrealistic & overly cheesy because it’s in the holiday spirit. We all like to believe that in one of the coldest & darkest months of the year happiness and unexpected good can happen – holiday rom-coms are the very embodiment of this.

We’re also excited for this specific movie because the first one was a joy to watch. It embraced its own campiness & even gave a shout out to A Christmas Prince at one point because it walked so this movie could run. We’re interested to see Hudgens take on the acting challenge of three characters. Plus, we’re looking forward to seeing some of the other characters again too, since we fell in love with them as well.

What to know

If you’re as excited about this sequel movie as we are, then there are a few things to know. Right now, there isn’t a trailer, but we do know the movie is set to be released on Netflix on November 19. In the meantime, keep an eye out for sneak peeks because Netflix will definitely drop a trailer to get everyone even more excited.

It’s also worth noting there’s already a third Princess Switch movie in the works. Whether or not they’re going to make Vanessa Hudgens play a fourth role is yet unknown, but if they do we might have to create a cheat sheet for ourselves to tell all her roles apart.

While you’re waiting for The Princess Switch: Switched Again you can join us in celebrating Halloween & Christmas at the same time by watching the first movie on Netflix. If that isn’t enough Vanessa Hudgens Christmas-y goodness for you there’s also the 2019 movie A Knight Before Christmas – though if we’re being honest this one is probably Netflix’s weakest holiday film so far.

Are you excited for The Princess Switch: Switched Again? Tell us your favorite Netflix holiday film in the comments down below!

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