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The nude truth: Discover just why PETA hates Pete Davidson

What happens when comedian Pete Davidson, PETA, and a flashy billboard in Times Square get into a scuffle? Puppy drama! Yes, you heard that right! The Saturday Night Live star got into a dogfight of sorts with PETA, and now an anti-PETA group is barking back in support of him, with the boldest of gestures – a gigantic billboard in the heart of NYC. 

Let’s get a look at the nude truth behind the dust up, and see if the pet was just a prop for his latest (nude?) thirst trap.

Bite back

PETA Kills Animals, a fierce advocacy group, is backing Davidson’s choice to purchase a puppy instead of adopting one. The billboard at Times Square, with its tongue-in-cheek play on Davidson’s popular BDE vibe, turns it into “Buy Dog Energy.” According to PETA Kills Animals, PETA has a history of euthanizing cats and dogs, and they are calling them out!

Now, here’s the backstory. Davidson got a new pup for his mom after the sudden demise of their family dog. When PETA criticized his choice, he clapped back with an expletive-laden voicemail to Daphna Nachminovitch, the senior vice president of PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department. 

He pointed out his severe dog allergies and the need for a specific breed. Davidson later admitted his ignorance about the possibility of adopting hypoallergenic dogs from shelters.

PETA’s Comeback

PETA supporters haven’t taken kindly to this billboard. Fox News Digital revealed that the billboard company is swamped with protests. Meanwhile, PETA says this is a smear campaign by industries, including puppy mills, who have vested interests. They emphasize the importance of adopting from animal shelters and claim that New York State is moving towards curbing sales from puppy mills.

But the anti-PETA group isn’t letting up. They maintain that PETA is notorious for having a high kill rate at their shelters, and donors should know what they’re supporting. PETA, however, claims that its rescue team is always on call to provide relief to abused animals and end-of-life services for animals whose owners can’t afford them.

So, why did Pete Davidson, the quirky comedian who’s been in the spotlight with his much-raved about appearances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and his recent romance with actress Chase Sui Wonders, dive into the puppy-hunt?

Turns out, it was all about cheering up his grieving family. The Davidson clan recently lost their beloved dog, Henry. In a heartfelt Instagram post shared by his friend Dave Sirus, Pete attributed his emotional well-being to the caramel-colored furball. He mentioned how Henry made his life fuller and meaningful.

Davidson and his girlfriend Chase were spotted at Citipups in New York City, likely on the hunt for a Cavapoo. These adorable pups are known for their hypoallergenic properties, and Davidson has claimed that he’s only not allergic to this breed.

Adopt or shop

This billboard drama brings to the forefront an important conversation about pet adoption versus buying. While Pete Davidson’s case might be unique due to his allergies, it’s vital to remember the plethora of animals waiting in shelters for a loving home.

The billboard is a snapshot of a larger debate. It’s about choices, accountability, and knowing what’s best for our furry friends. So, what do you think? Are you #TeamAdopt or #TeamShop? And ultimately, shouldn’t the well-being of our four-legged pals be the top priority? 


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