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Even with an off the walls concept, America loves seeing celebrities act stupid, and 'The Masked Singer' has sold them. Here's the tea on season three.

Everything you need to know about ‘The Masked Singer’ season 3

Reality shows have become awfully strange as of late. There’s Flirty Dancing, where three people all learn the same dance and two have to perform it with the same partner without ever practicing with said partner. Or maybe you like Love Island better, the show where people have to couple up, but as new islanders get introduced, others can dump their significant other for a new person. 

But one phenomenon that started in South Korea has gotten Fox some serious views through its first two seasons last year. The Masked Singer takes a number of celebrities, sticks them in silly costumes and makes them compete in a singing competition. If you don’t find the concept stupid on its premise, the winners of the first two seasons are T-Pain (who beat Gladys freaking Knight) and Wayne Brady. 

Even with an off the walls concept, America loves seeing celebrities act stupid, and The Masked Singer has sold them. Those who haven’t already watched the show before will get a chance to tune in to the third season after the Super Bowl on Sunday. So, if you want to give the show a shot, here’s the tl;dr on what crazy masks you’ll be seeing this season. 


You thought Thingamajig was weird? It gets weirder

While we’re still waiting on the reveal of the final contestant’s costume, we already know that the 18 contestants competing this season have chosen some weird masks to wear. We’ll still have some normal ones with an interesting costume, like the rhino dressed as an aviator, or the mouse dressed as a fairy. 

But in traditional Masked Singer fashion, there’s some bizarre costumes that may even top Victor Oladipo’s Thingamajig and Seal’s royal Leopard last season. We’re going to get a singing taco, a llama (with all four legs), and “Miss Monster”. If we’ve learned anything from the first two seasons though, the food-themed costumes go home first, so get ready to quickly know who chose the banana and taco. 

Ken Jeong is going to make more wrong guesses

Your “favorite” panelists are back once again, so get ready to listen to Jenny McCarthy’s fake cry about each contestant’s sob story for why they’re on the show. Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, and Ken Jeong are all returning for the third season. Third time’s the charm, so maybe Ken will actually get a guess right. 

To liven up the somewhat dull judge lineup will be plenty of guest judges. After being the hot guess all last season because everyone wanted the irony of him being the Fox, Jamie Foxx will appear as the first guest judge in the season premiere. Following him, Jason Biggs and Leah Remini will appear in the second and third episodes, respectively. While not announced, there are more guests coming to the panel later in the season. 

On the more interesting side of the regulars, Nick Cannon will continue to host, and call out the dumb guesses from the panel. Maybe even play matchmaker again to Nicole since Victor Oladipo never got his date with her after Nicole’s love of Thingamajig last season. 

So it’s moved to Sunday nights?

Nope. Obviously, with over 100 million people watching the Super Bowl, Fox wanted something fun and stupid for people to fall into after the game. The season premiere is February 2nd after the Super Bowl post-game show (so about 10:30pm EST). After Sunday, Masked Singer will move back into its signature Wednesday at 8pm time slot, starting on February 5th. 

The format of the episodes is going to be a bit different than the past two seasons. With 18 competitors, group A will get the first three episodes to compete and get unmasked. Group B will get the next three, and group C will get the last three. After that, the remaining 9 will compete against each other. But if we know anything from past seasons, it’s expect the unexpected.

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