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To those who have been asking “when is 'Captain Marvel 2' coming out?,” ask no further! Get back into space and dive into the new details about the film!

‘The Marvels’: When is ‘Captain Marvel 2’ coming out?

To those who have been asking “when is Captain Marvel 2 coming out?,” ask no further! Samuel L Jackson answered the question when is Captain Marvel 2 coming out yesterday after posting a picture from the set of Nick Fury’s signature facial hair, showcasing how production for the long anticipated film has finally begun.

This leak comes after Brie Larson discussed her amazement at the sheer size of the production on Tuesday, getting fans even more excited at what may be in store. With such a stellar cast and a release date of late 2022, we are already excited for Captain Marvel 2! 

Naturally, many are discussing these new details that answer the question “when is Captain Marvel 2 coming out” on Twitter. We flew through the threads to find the best reactions to the latest developments for Captain Marvel 2. Get back into space and dive into the new details answering the question “when is Captain Marvel 2 coming out?” 

Excitement reaches new heights 

Jackson’s post on Instagram yesterday had many fans excited, as it means our favorite SHIELD director will return for the sequel, adding a new sense of scale to the production. Larson discussed her excitement at the scale of the film in an interview with  Sirius XM, adding even more excitement to Jackson’s leak. 

“It’s a really unique experience. I’m a huge fan of Disneyland, so to me it feels like I get to go to my own private Disneyland every single day,” Larson said, “Because they’re building all of these insane worlds that no one else knows about, no one else gets to see. You’ll see it when the movie comes out but for now it’s just mine. I’m in sets that are bigger than you can imagine right now. It’s really special.”

Larson’s excitement is even more apt as the cast of the sequel is going to be filled with both old and new faces, making this the must see blockbuster of 2022 for Marvel fans. 

A family affair 

Alongside Jackson and Larson, the cast will include Teyonah Parris, who we met during WandaVision. Their reunion promises to be the most epic part of the film, especially since Parris’s character Monica Rambeau will be taking on her new role as Spectrum. 

Along with these familiar faces, some new faces will appear in the film, including Velvet Buzzsaw actress Zawe Ashton, who was announced to be the villain of the film in February, though we don’t know who exactly she’ll be playing. Another new face is Park Seo-Joon, who was announced to be in the film but as of right now his role is unknown. 

With director Nia DaCosta behind the camera and WandaVision writer Megan McDonnell on the script, many on Twitter are already excited for the film’s release in 2022. 

Twitter is star struck 

Many Twitter users are already anticipating the release of Captain Marvel 2, with many excited for the new cast and the possible reveals the film may contain. Reactions to the news include: 

They truly are the dynamic duo to end all duos. 

The K-Pop fandom is eating good tonight! 

Who knows what will happen? All we know is that it’ll be epic! 

Well we have some good news . . . . 

Aka most people’s reaction in a nutshell. 

What are your thoughts on this announcement for Captain Marvel 2? Drop them below in the comments to keep us rocketing through the stars! 

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