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Exactly who is 'The Mandalorian'? Here are our favorite fan theories for the Disney+ 'Star Wars' series: Obi-Wan Kenobi? Alternate dimensions? Yippee!

Who is ‘The Mandalorian’? All the hottest theories on the ‘Star Wars’ show

The Mandalorian has been the biggest hit to come out of Disney+. It’s definitely been the most well-received Star Wars property since The Force Awakens. This space western follows a lone Mandalorian bounty hunter (Pedro Pascal) as he travels across the universe with an itty bitty baby Yoda, who is called the Child in series.

Over the course of five episodes, audiences have been gripped by the Jon Favreau show, which takes place post Return of the Jedi. As we only have a couple more episodes until the end of the first season, here are our favorite fan theories for The Mandalorian.

Also, be forewarned, one of these theories has spoilers for episode five of The Mandalorian. 


We don’t know if we’re talking a full-on Orphan Black situation with the Child, but a lot of fan theories focus on the role clones play within the Star Wars universe. Many believe that the Child is a possible clone of the original Yoda. This would explain the high bounty on the Child’s head because Yoda was a thorn in the side of the Empire. They don’t want him to grow up into one again.

Another clone theory is that, given the apparent rarity of Yoda’s species, The Client (Werner Herzog) probably wants to use the Child to create an army of Yoda. Okay, sure, they take a long time to grow-up, but they can science there way around that. Just imagine how devastating an army of extremely powerful Force wielders would be in the wrong hands? Living DNA is probably better to use for the process than that of the dead. 

The Child is from another dimension entirely

We’re going deep into some Star Wars animated series stuff here, friend. In the Star Wars Rebels “A World Between Worlds”, protagonist Ezra Bridger discovers another dimension that connects different points in time and space using the Force. Now, the casual Star Wars fan would have no idea of this existence, but Rebels is in canon.

The theory is that the Child could have come from this alternate dimension in some way or shape. Or, the Child was sent through the dimension for protection. The Empire probably went after Yoda’s species hard, so a whole Moses in space scenario wouldn’t be entirely out of the picture. That’s how we got Superman, after all. 

Mando is not the titular Mandalorian

Now that would be the biggest plot twist ever since Darth Vader told Luke that he was his father. At the end of episode five of The Mandalorian “Chapter 5: The Gunslinger” assassin Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen), supposedly deceased, is approached by boots and the sound of armor. 

The theory posits that this mysterious figure from this callback heavy episode is that of Boba Fett, who, to Star Wars fans, is the original Mandalorian. Now, of course, this could be the affectionately nicknamed Mando, another Mandalorian, or just someone else wandering around the desert in armor. Many fans truly don’t believe Boba died in the Sarlacc Pit during the Return of the Jedi. 

Perhaps, Mando is not the true main character of the series, but the first Mandalorian, Boba Fett, is. Your mind blown yet? 

Obi-Wan Kenobi saved Mando as a child

In addition to The Mandalorian, there is a series in development at Disney+ to follow Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi. It may be a great big universe out there in Star Wars, but connections come up in the unlikeliest of circumstances. 

In flashbacks, we’ve seen baby Mando and his traumatic experiences during the Clone Wars. During this sequence, prevalent in “Chapter 3: The Sin”, we see how Mando’s aversion to droids began. His home was under attack, a droid nearly killed baby Mando, and a mysterious person saved his life. 

We don’t know who the mysterious character is. One popular theory is that Obi-Wan saved Mando’s life as a child. Not only will it connect the two Disney+ Star Wars series together, it makes sense. During this time period, according to animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin were going from planet to planet fighting off droid attacks. 

In the series, Obi-Wan had a deep connection to the peaceful sect of the Mandalorians that young Mando and his parents appeared to be a part of with his relationship to Satine Kyrze, who was the New Mandalorians leader.

Given the timing of the attack, it’s very likely that Obi-Wan could have found little Mando and brought him to the other Mandalorians. Now, as we learned, Mando isn’t a Mandalorian by birth. So it’s also possible that he and his parents were living with the New Mandalorians, Obi-Wan found the kid and just made an assumption.

Either way, it’s a great theory that provides layers of connection to a show already so connected to the Star Wars universe.

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  • every one of these theories is wrong… nice speculation but next time try to watch the whole show before giving us this. Boba Fett was not a Mandalorian, he just wore his father’s armor. Also, he is dead. Spoiler alert: Mando is the main character. Also, it was not Obi-Wan who saved him as a child. As revealed in the seventh episode, he was pulled out of the bunker by another Mandalorian, who then flew away with him, presumably to wherever these Mandalorians lived to be trained.

    February 11, 2020
    Dude thats literary what i was thinking

    June 24, 2020

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