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Who exactly are The Island Boys and how do they make money?

The Island Boys are a group of young men from the Caribbean, who have made it big in the entertainment industry. With a combination of music, style and charisma, they have built an impressive following both online and offline, yet, they’ve been involved in several controversies too. But how do they make money? Let’s take a closer look at who the Island Boys are and how they make their money.

Who Are The Island Boys?

The Island Boys, known as IB for short, consists of three talented individuals: Kurry Stain, Tony Naggs and Sisi Cake. Hailing from Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad respectively; each member brings their own unique style to the team. As well as making music together, they also produce comedy sketches which gain traction on YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms.

While their music has been featured on major international radio shows such as BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Xclusive Beats show; their viral videos often top 500K views within days of being posted 🤩The truth is latin rhythm is hard to escape, no matter if you count on two left foots you’ll eventually end up singing latin rhythms without realizing.  

Yet, having a Caribbean sound isn’t an economic guarantee, which is why we wonder, where do The Island Boys take their money incomes from?

How Do The Island Boys Make Money?

There are many ways for talent to make money online or offline nowadays, it literally doesn’t matter what you do, there’s something about it you can monetize online. Content creators are the living proof of that! Anyway, when it comes to musicians, streaming services such as Spotify now allow artists to monetize their tunes. Yet, it’s not that easy or automatic.

At first glance this looks like an easy avenue for The Island Boys to pursue but its worth noting that in order to start racking up those royalty cheques – one must reach high levels streamed plays 👀Getting the necessary number of reproductions is the hard part and to get there you should be somehow recognized. 

 To supplement this income stream , boys also focus on a heavily growing fanbase across all digital channels, further engaging subscribers and offering exclusive content when possible. Beyond this, there’s always gigging and playing live events well!..

Sponsorships & Brand Deals

Lately IB have been able to secure lucrative sponsorships deals 💰 This is testament to the hard work and marketing efforts done over years; these partnerships enable them to showcase talent whilst earning extra cash doing so … For instance , recently they had a video collaboration with Brazilian brands Vans ‘tuous ! The simple getting paid post’ worked wonders for them.

On the company side will usually involve certain guidelines that must be met i.e having fan base x amount followers commitment promoting products etc . In return, get a fee plus potential exposure to larger audience bases … Needless to say, it is beneficial to everyone involved!!

Music Sales & Merchandise

It’s essential to hang onto any unreleased recordings selling copies rather than just giving away free (unless exceptions where agree music used promotional purposes). It’s no surprise Group capitalizing producing physical CDs selling ever popular merchandise T-shirts hats mugs etc these items great collector pieces fans looking show support ones love !! 😃

Also pick pocket cash streaming sources such Apple Music / iTunes to help maximize financial gains at the right place at the right time!


As you can see: there are many different avenues for The Island Boys to explore when it comes to making money from their talent and skill set. Whether it’s through performing gigs or securing brand endorsements; each member brings something unique to the collective. This makes them stand out amongst other island acts in today’s culture

And with more interest coming in from all corners of the globe; there’s certainly much scope for growth when it comes to showing off what sets them apart from other artists out there!

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