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“Ms. Sal Monella”: Who is Jasmine White 403 on TikTok?

TikTok came to show us that everyone can be famous and sometimes it’s more due to the so-called algorithm than to actual talent. Our attention spans have fallen to the  point where not only are we incapable of being focused for more than a few seconds, but the content that attracts us must be light. Liquid content, and if not, morbid! The TikTok user that goes by the name Jasmine White 403 is going viral, but why? 

Who is this person that suddenly received more than 61.6 million views on this platform? If you have ever posted something on TikTok that went viral, you might have noticed that its algorithm is completely different to Instagram’s in a positive way. If you want to go viral, TikTok is definitely the current way, but what does it take to get there? Apparently, eating raw fish!

There are weird tastes & practices around the world and some delicious dishes involve raw animal proteins, but Jasmine White 403 definitely crosses the line. This girl has uploaded numerous videos eating raw animals, like fish & chicken, which has evidently disturbed several people. Jasmine White 403 got banned, but once something hits social media with millions of views its impossible to take it down.

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Is Jasmine White 403 getting salmonella?

Either if it comes from a piece of chicken that didn’t cook well, or a frosting that contained eggs and hired higher temperatures, salmonella is something you should avoid. “She is going to meet Ms. Sal Monella” that was one of the comments the girl received in one of her videos, and it’s honestly something that could happen. She might haven’t got salmonella  yet, but she did go irreversibly viral. 

Although the original video posted by Jasmine White 403 appears to have disappeared. Several other users keep sharing recorded versions of it. If you have never used TikTok, know that it’s the easiest social network platform to download videos. Also there are several dynamics on the platform that consist of reacting to other videos through a duo. 

A girl eating raw chicken and fish directly from the piece of animal is definitely something where many reactions can pop from. While some users are reacting through humor, several others are completely horrified by this video. For this reason, the account was reportedly banned, under Distractify, and the original video cannot be viewed from the original account.

“I’m just going to pretend it’s one of those hyper realistic cakes.” That was one of the comments from a TikTok user and honestly it works as a piece of advice too. In fact, numerous comments around this girl’s account and its reaction have to do with regretting ever watching that content due to the trauma it left. Yet, no matter if you find these videos disturbing or funny, it’s not safe to eat raw chicken ever. 

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The danger of virality 

Viral content changes lives, not only to the creators but also to the people that get to consume it. This is one of the reasons why censorship exists, a censor is someone that is supposed to filter information and contents according to their validity but also safeness. Unfortunately, this world allows several content that shouldn’t be visible and represses harmless information. 

It can be disturbing and weird to look at a girl eating raw chicken, but that’s not the real danger, nor the reason it should be turned down. The truth is that Both microbes or pathogens are potential food contaminants if they are wrong stored or cooked. Further the visual discomfort this video generates, it’s dangerous for people to think eating raw chicken is something they could do safely. 

Might users like Jasmine White 403 serve to filter the kind of content we give attention to. 

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