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While the coronavirus pandemic has brought out the best in people, we’re hearing more and more about the worst instead. Here's why we need a cure.

Terrible people alert: Proof we need a coronavirus cure ASAP

Not to sound like a pessimist, especially since we’re living through a time when we probably need more optimism in our lives, but people can be the absolute worst sometimes. While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the best in people, we’re hearing more and more about the worst instead. Panic buying, hoarding, price gouging, attacking essential workers? Seriously, what is wrong with people?

Since we’re still a while away from a coronavirus cure, we’re going to have to deal with this new normal. Unfortunately, it hasn’t stopped people from being terrible. So here are some of the worst of the worst to make you roll your eyes and start a prayer circle for the coronavirus cure that we clearly needed months ago.

1. Corona bridezilla

People do feel for those who had to cancel their weddings due to the pandemic. But you can’t get angry over people refusing to attend due to the global pandemic if you decide to continue on with your big day. No matter how long you’ve planned the wedding. 

2. Don’t steal from ambulances! What’s wrong with you?

People in the medical field are voluntarily putting themselves at risk day after day. Show a little respect! 

3. A great way to make your business an epicenter

No to face masks? Yes to touching each other? Now what? Are you going to encourage people to cough on each other to prove it’s not a hoax? When the coronavirus cure is made, then you all can wait at the back of the line, hon.

4. Why would you even “joke” in a time like this?

Coughing on the meat? Sure is hilarious! Especially when you caused $35,000 USD in product to be thrown out.

5. Don’t steal a business’ hand sanitizer

Essential workers need hand sanitizer too, Karen.

6. Don’t ban face masks!

If people decide to put a mask on their face, then that is their decision. Period. It’s not “no shirt, no shoes, no face masks, no service”. 

7. CoViD-19 IS a LiE! 

First off, appreciate the irony of the man holding that sign while in hazmat gear. Second, sure it’s a lie. The moon landing was staged. And lizard people rule the world. No wonder alcohol sales are going through the roof.

8. People dying of the coronavirus is proof

People are dying over this. The USA is #1 in that death count. It’s not something we want to be #1 in! Stop people horrible and stay home!

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