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Everyone may be going a bit crazy in quarantine. Cure your coronavirus blues with these hilarious quotes from like-minded folks stuck inside too.

Cure your quarantine blues: All the most hilarious coronavirus quotes

Everyone may be going a bit crazy in quarantine. While it is helping flatten the curve (and we all should be abiding by social distancing measures), people also just want a cure to coronavirus so they can leave their homes. While that cure may not come for a good while yet, we can still nourish the soul with some hilarious quarantine quotes.

Besides medicine and science, the best cure for these coronavirus quarantine blues is some laughter and shared commiseration over how we’re all going a bit crazy. Hailing from all around the interest, these quotes will make you laugh and maybe find some kindred spirits after all.

“I invented a new quarantine snack called “second pb and jelly” which is when u already had a pb&j and then you have another right after.”

“It’s only Quarantine if it’s in the Quarante province of France. Otherwise it’s just Sparkling Isolation.”

“quarantine day 3 – i haven’t shaved my legs in two months”

“my ex has not reached out to me during the quarantine which means he can never contact me ever again. Imagine being like “happy thanksgiving” after not saying anything during this”

“I like how ads have gone from “buy a toyota” to “this is a difficult and uncertain time for us all . . . buy a toyota”

“the human has been working from home the last couple days. and every so often. they let me participate in the video calls. all the other humans cheer when they see me. i am the only thing holding their company together”

“whole bunch of people about to learn that “sufficient time home alone” was not the only thing they needed to write a great novel”

“Look, it’s funny to say that Trump told people to drink bleach, but it’s not accurate. He simply said that scientists should inject people with bleach”

“Airlines sending me “we’re in this together” emails. When my suitcase was 52 pounds I was on my own.”

“Glad to know that 6 am walks full of existential dread can still be part of my lifestyle, just with a night of sleep behind me now”

“sad that i’m going to use the lockdown months to justify going out solidly until i’m 35”

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