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What is the real age of Sylvester Stallone? And do his recent posts signal a retirement? Let's find out!

Age is more than a number: Is Sylvester Stallone really retiring?

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the silver screen’s biggest action stars? Let’s dive into the life and works of Sylvester Stallone, a powerhouse in the world of cinema. Stallone isn’t merely an actor; he’s a screenwriter, producer, and director whose net worth soars at a colossal $400 million. 

Rocketing to stardom with his character Rocky Balboa, Stallone became a sought-after name in action cinema during the 80s and 90s. Creating successful franchises such as Rocky, Rambo, and The Expendables, Stallone has generated more than $4 billion in global box office sales.

But what does all that experience do to someone his age? In fact, what is the real age of Stallone, anyway? Let’s dive into the details of his life and see if age is really just a number.

Humble start

When we look at Stallone’s most significant films, they include Rocky IV (1985) with $300 million, Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) also with $300 million, and Creed (2015) which brought in $173 million. Altogether, his movies have earned a staggering $4.5 billion worldwide. 

This impressive figure places Stallone amongst the likes of Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, and Robert Downey Jr. as one of the highest-grossing actors of all time. Comparatively, Arnold Schwarzenegger, another behemoth in action cinema, trails slightly with a total of approximately $4.4 billion worldwide.

New steps

Now, Netflix is taking us on a journey through Stallone’s nearly five-decade-long career with the documentary Sly. The documentary, which starts streaming in November, provides an intimate look into the life of Stallone, paralleling his rise as an underdog in Hollywood with the unforgettable characters he brought to life on the silver screen. 

Directed by Thom Zimny, the man behind Springsteen on Broadway, and produced by Sean Stuart, Stallone himself also steps into the role of executive producer for the documentary.

The teaser for Sly doesn’t shy away from the hardships Stallone faced in his career. Stallone reflects on his professional achievements and their costs, comparing his career to a speeding train. “Filmmaking, it comes at a great price. 

There’s no time for anything else,” he confesses, giving us a glimpse into the world of blockbuster franchises. Even after retiring his iconic role as Rocky Balboa, Stallone’s career remains blazing hot. His recent endeavors include his first TV series, Paramount+’s Tulsa King, followed by The Family Stallone reality series featuring his wife and daughters.

The rivalry

On the big screen, Stallone stepped into a supporting role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and plans to return for Expend4bles, the fourth installment of the action franchise. He also announced plans to reboot his iconic role as Gabe Walker in Cliffhanger

Despite the documentary teaser not revealing much, it promises a candid Stallone, who concludes with this thought: “Nothing inspires you than taking your history, balling it up.”

In an unexpected twist, Stallone recently crowned Schwarzenegger as the “superior” action star. Both actors acknowledged their rivalry during the 80s when Hollywood pitted their careers against each other. 

Stallone credited Schwarzenegger with making action cinema rely more on the actor’s physical prowess than dialogue. Despite their rivalry, both stars admit that their competition drove them to work harder and achieve more.

The future

While they once “loathed each other immensely,” Stallone and Schwarzenegger have since formed a tight friendship. They starred opposite each other in the first two Expendables movies and the 2013 action film Escape Plan, which grossed $137 million worldwide. 

Despite their turbulent past, it’s clear that both stars recognize and respect the significant impact they’ve made on the action film genre.

In the end, we are left wondering: how does the life of an action star like Stallone influence his on-screen characters and vice versa? And what could these icons of cinema teach us about the cost of fame and success?

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