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From episode seven in season one (the only truly good season of 'Glee'), Sue Sylvester provided questionable monologues. Here are her best memes.

The very best Sue Sylvester memes on all of Twitter

From 2009-2015 over the course of six seasons, Glee aired. While Gleeks admit that, yes, it’s not great and, oh yes, they’re aware of it, the best-known character remains Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). While Lynch has gone onto becoming a game show host, Sue Sylvester remains iconic. From her brutal roasts to her witty one-liners to her insane shenanigans, it surprises no one that she became a meme.

From episode seven in season one (the only truly good season of Glee), Sue Sylvester says the line “I’m going to create an environment that is so toxic”. That still with the line underneath has become a meme format using: “I’m going to create a [blank] that is so [blank]”. It’s exploded on Twitter. So here are some of the best instances of that meme being used. 

1. The president of the Disney Channel be like in 2005

That’s So Raven showed Raven seeing the future. Did you foresee the meme format being popular? Or getting a sequel series on the Disney Channel? What a wild time that we live in.

2. Lady Gaga circa 2009

“Bad Romance” definitely cracked open Lady Gaga’s career in a big way. She certainly created a romance that was so bad that it rocked the world in the biggest way imaginable. 

3. Restaurants in the winter with outdoor seating

Restaurants in winter, especially in colder areas, like to make outdoor areas. But they close them off so it’s like inside. It’s definitely wild the logical leaps going on there, but at least there are outdoor heaters.

4. Lies told at the beginning of lockdown

All of us at the beginning of lockdown thought we were going to create. We did not create. We are liars to ourselves. 

5. Minaj! 

The bass truly was super circa 2011 Nicki Minaj. We salute you for creating something truly, truly iconic. Ironically, Sue Sylvester did a mash-up of “Super Bass” in Glee in like season 4. Coincidence? Maybe.

6. Teenage Dream

Of course, any Glee fan worth their salt remembers the iconic “Teenage Dream” performance that introduced Darren Criss’ Blaine Anderson on the series. So seeing this Sue Sylvester meme format doing a Teenage Dream? Yeah. Yeah, that is definitely some sort of homecoming.

7. The meatball is spicy

This meme format truly makes the meatball the spiciest thing ever. Kudos to the person who created such a truly spicy meatball. 

8. The most needed win possible

To be fair, we’re all getting a lot of joy out of the viral Sue Sylvester meme format. We really needed this win in 2020, everyone. You need to enjoy whatever things you can find in this world during this chaotic time. Might as well be the Sue Sylvester meme, you know? 

9. They did what they set out to do

The person who created the meme was possessed by some ancient comedy god in order to make us all laugh. Good job! 

10. An immortal meme

Much like many of the Spongebob memes out there, the Sue Sylvester meme will never die. It’s too versatile to die! Brilliant! 

11. It’s Whitney or it’s no one! 

“I Will Always Love You” is truly a song that only the late and great Whitney Houston could sing. Though Amber Riley did give it her best shot in the Whitney Houston tribute episode in, like, season three? Pretty sure it was season three.

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