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Gwen Stefani and Black Shelton apparently tied the knot in secret recently. Speculate if the happy couple could be pregnant.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton wed: Could the No Doubt singer be pregnant?

Millennials will be less than stoked to remember Tragic Kingdom dropped on audiences over twenty-five years ago in 1995, bringing so-cal rockers No Doubt straight into the spotlight and firmly on the road to success. Before long, frontwoman Gwen Stefani pivoted to pop star queen, where she has reigned for over twenty-five years. The 90s are long gone, but Stefani’s relevance speaks for itself as she lit up headlines this week.

Gwen Stefani proved she can still rock the rumor mill, as tea surrounding the singer possibly being pregnant had fans scratching their heads this week following Stefani’s possible recent wedding. The wedding whisperings come from photos released this week.

Wedding whispers

Well, we shouldn’t call them whispers per say – in fact, Stefani’s Instagram post from last week of a selfie with the words “SHE’S GETTING MARRIIIEEEED” added above her head seems more like a resounding roar

However, she didn’t follow up the post with any wedding pics, so fans can’t determine whether or not Gwen & hubby Blake Shelton actually wed yet. However, some have theories they tied the knot sometime this past week in secret.

Page Six reported on Stefani’s personal life yesterday, in an article detailing photos which recently surfaced of the happy couple walking in Santa Monica, California with Stefani’s seven-year-old son Apollo whom she co-parents with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale. The photos show Gwen sporting quite a bit of bling.

Post-ranch sparkle

Reports say the two were spotted in Cali after a visit to Shelton’s massive Oklahoma ranch, and the two looked like two peas in a pod, both clad in matching navy blue collared shirts & jeans. The two’s outfits certainly didn’t sparkle, but something on Gwen’s finger definitely did.

In the recently surfaced photos, Stefani bears both a massive rock on an engagement ring and what appears to be a diamond band, leading paparazzi & fans alike to speculate the two were wed sometime between Stefani’s Instagram post and the time the pics were taken.

Sources say Shelton’s ranch was supposed to be the wedding venue for the couple, and that Shelton had built a chapel on the grounds for the couple’s ceremony. However, for now these leaked images are the only clues fans have to work with regarding the couple’s wedding.

Question pop

Reports say Shelton proposed to Stefani back in October, which would allow for plenty of wedding planning time during the eight months since the celeb’s proposal. 

Stefani’s ring is said to hold an outrageous six to nine-carat, round solitaire diamond set on a platinum band, so we can only imagine Shelton sprang for quite the ceremony, even if the wedding did take place in secret.

Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton appear to have been wed recently, but is there any truth to rumors Stefani might be pregnant?

No number four

No recent reports indicate any truth to the idea Stefani is pregnant, an unsurprising conclusion coming from the 51-year-old mother of three. 

The U.S. Sun reported back in March that Shelton had made a comment about a pregnant Stefani pushing out twins while he judged on The Voice, but the remark was merely a joke about the couple’s closeness.

As the information stands now, Shelton & Stefani may have been married in secret last week, but the couple won’t be buying a new crib any time soon.

Do you think Stefani & Shelton said “I do” in secret? Let us know in the comments below!

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