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Have you binged 'Squid Games' on Netflix yet? Get comfy on your couch and be ready for a rewatch once you check out this collection of praise for its cast!

Are these actors the reason why Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ is so popular?

Squid Game on Netflix has become an international hit. The Netflix show continues to break records and draw new audiences into South Korean entertainment. If you haven’t seen Squid Game, you’re not only missing out on an insane show but also a talented cast.

With perfect heartfelt writing and skilled actors, several characters in Squid Game make you emotionally attached. Both good & bad elements, considering anyone is capable of being killed off in this Netflix series. As with any phenomenal cast, Twitter has exploded with love for the actors & actresses of Squid Game. See their best tweets here:

Korea’s most eligible bachelor

Who can’t help but swoon at the charming & suave Gong Yoo?

Gorgeous & Talented

We feel robbed of not knowing about her earlier!

Clear explanation

This person was able to describe their feelings about the Squid Game cast with absolutely no words at all.

HoYeon Jung is flawless

Top model & stellar actress? What can’t this woman do?

Once again

We are all in love with HoYeon Jung. Thank you, Netflix for introducing her to the world (for all those who don’t keep up with high fashion).

Them. . .

We’re still too emotional to talk about them right now.

Minecraft love

Have you ever loved a Squid Game character so much you built them on Minecraft?

Fanart of Gi-Hun

Yes, he has flaws but we still love him.

Young Lee Jung-Jae

Could we be more in love?

Unfortunately, they don’t last long.

No spoilers, but just know that nobody is safe.

Did you already watch all the episodes of Squid Game on Netflix? Who’s your favorite actor or actress from the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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