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Hulu's 'Shrill' releases its season 3 trailer. Take a look at how Annie deals with the latest twists in her life.

‘Shrill’ season 3: Watch the trailer for the final season of the Hulu hit

It’s time to say goodbye to Hulu’s Shrill. As was announced back in January, the third season of the Hulu series will be its last. With Shrill season 3 already filmed, we have to prepare ourselves to say goodbye to Aidy Bryant’s (Saturday Night Live) Annie. What can we expect from Shrill season 3? It definitely promises to be an interesting end to the series, which was the planned end to the series. 

Since Shrill season 3 is the natural end for the series, we’re definitely curious to see where Annie ends up. Will she find her personal satisfaction out of life now that she dumped her less-than-stellar boyfriend? Will she know true career satisfaction at her job? Or will she just keep on keepin’ on and do her best to live. 

When Shrill season 3 is going

With the trailer of Shrill season 3 out, we have a general idea of where the story will go. At the end of season 2, it looked like Annie was on top of the world. She broke up with her dud of a boyfriend, Ryan (Luka Jones), and is really seeing some momentum at work. So the real question for the final run of episodes is: with everything falling into place, can Annie get what she really wants?

Unfortunately, in the above trailer, we see that Shrill season 3 will knock Annie back down for her to get up again. She has to deal with fat-shaming doctors, getting cancelled, terrible dates, and needing to revive her career after a sexual escapade with said ex in her boss’ office. (Oh girl. No.) Still, Annie is as determined to prove herself as ever.

Lucky for her, she has her best friend Fran (Lolly Adefope) and co-workers Ruthie (Patti Harrison) and Maureen (Jo Firestone) to help make things go a bit smoother for her. Meanwhile, Annie has to grapple with what she thought she wanted may not be what she actually wanted all along. We feel that, Annie. Big mood. 

Shrill season 3 lets Annie take the wheel

That arc of Annie figuring out what she really, really wants comes from Lindy West’s book Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman, which inspired the series. An EP for Shrill, West said of season 3, 

“As a young fat woman in my twenties, my personal arc was moving from this feeling of, well, I better take whatever I can get, into becoming a person that actually thinks about what she wants and then demands it from the people around her—not in a mean way, but the way that certain people are able to move through the world in the driver’s seat. I was very much a passenger in my life for a long time.”

She concluded, “Annie’s in a similar place where she’s starting to take the wheel.” It’s an arc that star Aidy Bryant is excited about. When Shrill season 3 was announced as the final season, she said, “We are incredibly proud of this upcoming third and final season and are so grateful to the audience who connected with this story.”

When is Shrill season 3 coming out?

Shrill season 3, which will be eight episodes, is set for release on May 7 on Hulu. We’re definitely going to settle in to watch and say our goodbyes to Annie. Hopefully, she finds what she’s really looking for

What do you think of the season 3 trailer for Shrill? Do you want to punch the fat-shaming doctor in the face? Do you think Annie is going to find her happy ending? Let us know in the comments below.

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