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Looking to get the most out of your Showtime subscription? Check out these new shows that will surely fill your time with excitement!

Get the most out of your Showtime subscription with these new shows

The new shows on Showtime worth watching are perfect for audiences with any taste. Those who pay for Showtime spend around $10.99 per month to access the cool shows and awesome entertainment. Showtime is a premium TV network that’s owned by ViacomCBS Domestic Media with David Nevins running things as the CEO since 2016.

 Just like Hulu and other streaming networks, Showtime allows new people to experience a free trial before they have to pay for anything. With so many excellent new shows on Showtime to enjoy, many viewers don’t mind the cost at all. These new shows on Showtime will get anyone interested. 

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy is one of the new shows on Showtime that’s already being heavily talked about for its premise. The reality TV show is created documentary style so people can see real-world couples handling their issues. The first season was a hit so of course the second season is following the same pattern. There’s nothing typical or boring about Couples Therapy. 

This reality TV show dives deep into the problems so many couples face after they’ve been together for an extended amount of time. The authenticity of this show is what makes it so enticing because you can really feel the energy, pain, and occasional joys each couple feels. 

The heartbreaking moments that occur in Couples Therapy can be heart-wrenching to watch, but at the end of the day, everyone involved has one goal in mind . . . to repair relationship damage and fall back in love with their partners. Marriage Boot Camp is another reality TV show with the same idea, but that one isn’t available on Showtime.


Sh*thouse is another new show on Showtime about a nineteen-year-old guy who’s struggling with feelings of loneliness & isolation. Making friends isn’t something that comes easy for him although it seems to come easy for everyone else. Adjusting to life in college as a brand new freshman is adding more difficulties to his plate than he thought. One fateful evening, he decides to attend a college party.

The rager is held at a frat house called the “Sh*thouse” and while our protagonist is there, he crosses paths with a Resident Advisor who changes everything. The RA is a few years older and certainly much more popular. Hanging out with the cool crowd is a totally different experience so the main character’s life goes from lonely to enjoyable pretty rapidly.

VICE (season 2 finale)

VICE’s second season is new on Showtime after its successful first season pulled in some epic awards. Season 2 of the documentary series focuses on the stories most people don’t know about around the globe. The effects of former President Trump’s foreign policy in Iran, the police brutality occurring in Nigeria, and the racial reckoning happening in Yemen are some of the topics covered.

Being somewhere in Northern America means you don’t necessarily witness the things happening to other people across this planet. VICE gives people the chance to see what’s really going on.

City on a Hill 

If you’ve got Showtime, City on a Hill is the next show you’ll want to binge-watch. City on a Hill was created by executive producer Ben Affleck who has graduated from acting in front of the cameras to doing a lot more behind-the-scenes work than he ever did before. 

Affleck has an eye for detail and he knows what projects are worth investing in. Actors turning into directors & producers makes sense since they understand the ins & outs of the industry so well.

City on a Hill is about an attorney named Decourcy Ward who links up with a corrupt FBI veteran. The unlikely pair realize they’re actually on the same side for something life-changing. They want to take down a group of carjackers from Charlestown and they need each other’s help to succeed.

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