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Shane Dawson has been all over Twitter this weekend as some of his old content has come back to haunt him. Here's what we know.

Shane Dawson and children: All the jokes which aren’t remotely funny

Shane Dawson has been all over the internet this weekend as some of his old content has come back to haunt him. Dawson, in his younger years as a YouTuber, made very edgy jokes including a recurring bit using blackface and a number of jokes which sexualize children.

People have begun to call him a pedophile due to the large number of instances where he has made wildly distasteful “jokes”. Dawson vehemently denies the accusations and even tells the internet he was molested as a child, so being called a pedophile is incredibly “triggering and the most heartbreaking”.

Whether he is or isn’t, is not something a person on the internet can discern from a slew of bad jokes – though we can see why someone might think it when it becomes a recurring theme in someone’s work. What we do know is that these jokes can be incredibly harmful by normalizing a disgusting and illegal behavior.

We’ve compiled some of the more horrifying instances we’ve come across, but these are by no means the only clips which have been getting passed around online over the weekend. Many more continue to illustrate his disturbing “sense of humor”.

Trigger warning: This article contains potentially upsetting content in regard to pedophilia and rape.

Shane and Friends podcast

In an episode of Shane Dawson’s podcast Shane and Friends Shane makes jokes about typing “naked babies” into Google in order to try and understand the mindset of pedophiles. He says, “I actually went to Google, and I didn’t want to see child pornography, but I was like, ‘let me just pretend like I’m a pedophile for a sec.”

Dawson then goes on to joke that, “So I type in ‘naked baby’. First of all, I don’t understand why anyone would be turned on by that. But . . . they were sexy. I’m kidding.” In a recent video responding to all the accusations he specifically refers to this video by saying he never actually Googled the phrase because it’s gross and doesn’t have time for that.

The precursor to all this in the podcast was equally upsetting because Dawson claims he doesn’t understand why pedophilia is illegal when there’s a fetish for everything including feet. The friend on this podcast episode even tells him to stop because it’s incredibly upsetting, but Dawson continues to talk about the subject.

Willow Smith

Many years ago Dawson posted a video where he sees a promotional picture of Willow Smith for her debut single “Whip Your Hair Back and Forth”. In this video he pretends to masturbate while reciting the title lyrics and looking at the poster. If you don’t remember how old Willow was when she recorded her first single – she was eleven years old.

This weekend both Jada Pinkett Smith and Jaden Smith both tweeted to Shane Dawson that his twitter apologies just don’t cut it.

Teens in his merch

In another clip which has been circulating on Twitter, Shane starts a segment where he shows a montage of photos of his fans wearing his shirts. A fairly normal thing to do and a way to thank fans for support.

Except he starts the montage by calling the girls, all of which are clearly tweens and teens, “hot sexy bitches”, and then between groans he says, “if iJustine wasn’t watching I would rape all of you”. It doesn’t matter if you want to call this a joke or not, that is definitely not an okay thing to say about any human, let alone minors.

Twerk for us

In another clip on Twitter Dawson appears to have found one of his fans on Omegle, a site where you’re randomly assigned to a video chat partner. The teen girl is clearly very excited and continues to squeal over and over again.

While the girl freaks out over stumbling upon what one can assume is one of her favorite YouTubers Dawson repeatedly asks the girl to twerk. The girl is so excited though she can’t hear him. Eventually he types the command in so she can read it. The girl immediately turns around and begins to shake her rear.

The woman Shane Dawson is with in the clip even declares “good girl” when the teen complies.

Is Dawson finally cancelled?

People have been saying Shane Dawson needs to be cancelled for quite a while now. It seems that everyone else is finally starting to understand why people have believed this so strongly and for so long.

It’s possible Dawson has grown up since then & learned his jokes aren’t funny and actually rather damaging, but with so many strikes it’s hard for a lot of people to look past them.

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  • He’s disgusting and needs to be in prison for encouraging his fans to do things like twerk and send him suggestive pictures. The fact that people around him (friends,girlfriend, even his mother, etc…) enable it is also disturbing.

    November 13, 2020
    • Where in this article does it say he asked for “suggestive pictures” from fans. And if it doesn’t can I get a source. I dont like shayne but ill defend dark humour however I won’t defend actual pedophile tactics.

      November 19, 2020

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