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After six seasons on the air, the beloved 'Schitt’s Creek' wrapped its run in early 2020. Here are our favorite season 6 moments.

‘Schitt’s Creek’ season 6: All our favorite moments revisited

After six seasons on the air, the beloved Schitt’s Creek wrapped its run in early 2020. As it always does, the final season of Schitt’s Creek was equal part sentimental goodbye, heartwarming moments, and, of course, an excellent dose of humor for us bebes. With some distance and emotional recovery from the final, it’s time to look back on some of our favorite moments of Schitt’s Creek season 6.

These moments made us laugh and cry in equal measure. Honestly? It was a great run. Schitt’s Creek will be a series that will always be there to provide comfort and humor in equal measure.

Ted and Alexis break-up

Veterinarian Ted Mullins (Dustin Milligan) and former socialite turned PR maven Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy) were always a bit of an odd couple. At first, Alexis just sort of used Ted because he was handsome and convenient. Over time and with a hefty dose of character growth, they had a romance full of mutual love and affection for each other. They supported each other’s dreams and were better for knowing the other.

Unfortunately, however, the romance did not survive season six. It wasn’t for anything other than both Ted and Alexis had different dreams. They loved each other, but they also had to think about their own individual aspirations as well. Honestly? Schitt’s Creek gave us one of the healthiest break-ups in the history of TV. No hard feelings and a promise of . . . maybe. One day, they’ll find each other again. Still a good moment though.

David and Patrick’s house

A lot of the heartwarming moments from Schitt’s Creek came from David Rose (Daniel Levy) and Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid). They were the ship that everyone fell in love with from the word go. The whole of Schitt’s Creek season six was about their wedding, which we will get to, but in the series penultimate episode “Start Spreading the News”, the pair had a heartwarming moment as well.

With his family scattering to the winds (his parents to California, Alexis to New York), David was thinking where to go. Patrick, however, was able to snag David’s dream house that look like Kate Winslet’s cottage in The Holiday. So that he and David can make a home in Schitt’s Creek together. If you weren’t a puddle of emotion, then do you even have a heart?

David and Patrick’s wedding

Speaking of puddles of emotion, David and Patrick’s wedding, which the entire sixth season built to, definitely had us sobbing buckets. The vows! Alexis walking David down the aisle! The Jazzagals singing! Moira dressed as the Pope. Everything about the ceremony was as weird, wonderful, heartfelt, and emotional as Schitt’s Creek itself. It was a beautiful send-off to the series. 

Well . . . there was one more thing.

Goodbye Roses

Of course, there’s the final goodbye of the series. One that is both heartwarming and hilarious. The people of Schitt’s Creek say goodbye to the Rose family in the only way that they know, by swapping out the faces on the infamous town sign (you know the one) for the Moira (Catherine O’Hara) and Johnny (Eugene Levy) with David and Alexis looking on in the background.

Oh that sign. What a perfect way to end the series on though.

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