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Is Ryan Murphy moving to Disney to boost his net worth?

Is the King of TV about to switch his realm? Get ready to experience the ripple in the entertainment universe because Ryan Murphy, the genius behind some of the most popular TV series like Glee, 9-1-1, and American Horror Story, is contemplating trading his Netflix allegiance for the magical world of Disney.

Shifting sands

Murphy’s stunning ability to craft compelling narratives and unforgettable characters has been recognized worldwide, most notably by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which showered him with its coveted Carol Burnett Award this year. His name takes its place alongside TV icons like Carol Burnett, Ellen DeGeneres, and Norman Lear.

For a mind-boggling five-year deal with a price tag rumored to be as high as three hundred million dollars, Murphy had traded his Fox digs for the innovative spaces at Netflix in 2018. His arrival was seen as a masterstroke for the streaming giant, especially in their quest for new and exciting content. But now, there are rumbles of a shift.

Disney beckons

Murphy and Disney have been involved in a year-long negotiation dance, it seems, and a solid deal was in sight even before the writers’ strike threw a wrench in the works this past May. Will the House of Mouse be Murphy’s new creative playground?

Disney is no stranger to Murphy, having played an instrumental role in his journey to the top. He made a name for himself under the guidance of Dana Walden at Fox, who is currently the co-chair of Disney Entertainment. This potential move to Disney can be seen as a homecoming of sorts, a reunion with old allies.

Yet, this comes at a time when the production market has cooled down compared to the spending spree a few years ago when media houses like Netflix and Amazon were building their original content libraries.

Magic touch

Despite Murphy’s trailblazing success, his tenure at Netflix was not without its rocky patches. The golden touch seemed to falter as his first three original series—The Politician, Hollywood, and Ratched—didn’t resonate with the audience as much as expected.

Media pundits and insiders are left wondering if Netflix’s notorious hands-off approach was too much freedom for Murphy or whether the famed showrunner had momentarily lost his touch. Netflix’s thriving relationship with super-producer Shonda Rhimes, who signed a lucrative deal in 2017, contrasted sharply with Murphy’s less-than-stellar run.

The bottom line

Disney is set on trimming expenses by five and a half billion dollars and has already started with massive layoffs. Still, it’s quite likely they’ll make an exception for Murphy, considering his impressive catalog, which mostly belongs to Disney. This existing ownership makes it easier for Disney to get Murphy on board without paying future royalties.

Ryan Murphy’s potential departure from Netflix for Disney is not only a seismic shift in the streaming industry but also a significant change in his own creative journey. Yet, as Murphy mulls over this game-changing move, the most significant question remains unanswered. Will Murphy’s magic touch re-emerge and dominate the TV landscape once again in his new home? 


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