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'Riverdale' fans have plenty of ships to obsess about. Prove your 'Riverdale' relationship expertise by acing this ultimate ship quiz.

Barchie, Bughead, Varchie: Take our quiz on ‘Riverdale’ ‘ships now!

Fandoms are a multi-faceted beast. At the heart of the beast are the all-important ‘ships. Arguing, discussing, and sharing your favorite relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic, is one of the oldest fandom traditions out there. Just look at our fandom forebearers with the original Star Trek series. Riverdale, like so many shows before it, has a multitude of ships complete with a dedicated fanbase. 

From Bughead to Choni to Varchie, it’s time to test how well you know your Riverdale ‘ships. We’ll be going over key moments for the most popular ‘ships on Riverdale from the insane to the mundane. Be sure to tweet us your score to @FilmDailyNews.

How well do you know your favorite ‘Riverdale’ romances? Take our quiz now.

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