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To remember the legendary character & remarkable actor, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) moments in 'Riverdale'.

RIP Luke Perry: All his best ‘Riverdale’ moments as sweet Fred Andrews

Luke Perry, who played Fred Andrews in CW’s Riverdale, unfortunately, passed away on March 4th, 2019. To remember the legendary character & remarkable actor, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Fred Andrews moments in Riverdale.

From heartwarming talks with Archie to emotional recounts of his life, Fred Andrews had quite a few memorable scenes during his run on Riverdale. Here are our favorites.

Fred builds Archie a music room

When Riverdale picks up at the start of Archie’s sophomore year, the loveable red-headed boy next door is having a rough start. The summer before the events of the show, Archie gathered quite a few secrets. Unfortunately, these secrets are starting to pile up.

Between having to choose football or music and his summer fling with his music teacher, Archie is feeling very overwhelmed – that is, until Fred Andrews, Archie’s dad, comes to the rescue.

In one of the first emotional scenes of Riverdale, Fred Andrews builds Archie a soundproof music room out of their garage. Their father-son relationship only gets better from there.

Fred loses his crew

When Fred’s business, Andrews Construction, is at risk due to a battle between Hiram Lodge & Clifford Blossom, Fred loses his crew. Without workers, Fred is afraid his business will close for good.

The day is saved when FP, Jughead’s dad, shows up with his gang of Serpents to lend a helping hand. Even after everything that’s happened between these two friends, they’ll always have each other’s back.

Fred’s last appearance

S3E19 is the last time we see Fred Andrews alive. In this season closer, Fred does what he’ll always do – love Archie unconditionally. Nothing particularly special happens between the Andrews men. But this episode, one last time, shows how much Fred loves his son.

Fred gets shot

In the epic conclusion to season 1, Fred & Archie Andrews are eating lunch at Pop’s when the Black Hood, a brand new serial killer, shoots Fred during a robbery.

When season 2 picks up, we see Archie rushing his dying father to the hospital. On the operating table, Fred Andrews envisions Archie’s future milestones. As Fred watches his son progress through life, he’s reminded that he won’t be there to see it if he dies.

In the end, Fred Andrews wakes up, eventually making a welcome full recovery.

Remembering Fred’s legacy

In season 4, after the passing of Fred Andrews, the four main teens unite to honor Fred’s memory. The late Fred Andrews only appears through flashbacks & photos. Yet, the iconic character’s presence is still felt.

In the episode, Archie encounters a woman whom Fred stopped to help. This woman tells Archie the story of his father sacrificing himself to save a strangers life. 

On a quiet day, the gang takes a break from all the chaos Riverdale throws at them and they join hands to remember the great man we all lost.

Fred comes home

After Archie returns to Riverdale with his father’s body, crowds gather to celebrate Fred’s homecoming. In this touching episode, we’re reminded that in a town of mafia bosses, cult leaders, and underground sex clubs, Fred Andrews was apple pie, family dinners, and fireworks – the little bit of light left in the dark town of Riverdale.

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