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Adult Swim is finally giving us a finale for season 5 of 'Rick and Morty'. Unearth the story and see if the last episode will be worth the wait.

Will Adult Swim’s ‘Rick and Morty’ season 5 finale be disappointing?

Adult animation heads have been taken on a ride over the past year, when one of the most popular big boy cartoons on the planet gifted the world with a new season. The fifth season of Rick and Morty has been ripping up headlines, as the people behind the viral series have been forced to up the ante with each passing episode.

Now, the long-awaited fifth season of Rick and Morty is coming to a close. Those who tune into Adult Swim every week to watch the familial adventures of the ultimate grandson grandpa duo are wondering how the hell the show’s creators are going to satisfy fans with a blow-out finale. Is it even possible the people behind Rick and Morty can avoid jumping the shark?

Last week, publications across the board were buzzing with headlines about the finale of Rick and Morty. Furthermore, the talk about the upcoming finale for Adult Swim’s perhaps most successful current show was a little disjointed. The talk was all about a new teaser from Adult Swim about the finale, which the official Rick and Morty Twitter shout out to its fans on September 3rd.

Flesh & blood

This teaser was unlike any we’d seen before from Adult Swim about the hit sci-fi fever dream that is Rick and Morty.

How so? Well, the new teaser featured a live action snippet of our genius God grandpa and his horny housemate for the first time. Furthermore, the actors Adult Swim grabbed for the roles were anything but underwhelming.

Fans got 2017’s It star Jaeden Martell as Morty Smith, donning out the boy’s signature catchphrase (aw geez) alongside an in-the-flesh grandpa on screen. Okay, so who took the reigns as the show’s biggest star Rick Sanchez? Adult Swim knocked it out of the park, casting perhaps the only man fit to play the mad genius, Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd.

Fans got a kick out of the clip, and the appearance of Lloyd & Martell seemed to simply be a one-off promotion to the season finale of Rick and Morty set to drop September fifth. However, on the morning of finale day, Adult Swim hit fans with yet another clip of the live-action duo.


In a tweet from the official Adult Swim Twitter account, fans got another live-action clip of Llyod & Martell. 

In the clip, we even got a nod to one of the series’ most iconic (and beaten to a pulp) gags: Pickle Rick. Fans of the show remember the episode in which Rick turns into a pickle, and in the clip, we see a flesh & blood Morty talking to one thinking Rick got himself in the same bind once again.

However, Lloyd shows up quickly to prove Morty wrong, answering the boy’s question when Morty thinks Rick is cuked up once again. Morty asks Rick, “didn’t you learn anything from last time?”. After Morty apologizes for the mix up, Rick answers with a chomp of pickle in his mouth, “Are you kidding? Never!”.

Homage or sampler

The clip is a cute homage to the already legendary series, but fans are wondering if there’s more to the clip than meets the eye. Is Adult Swim trying to let us know we’ll see some live-action stuff in the long-awaited Rick and Morty finale? Will the final episode of season 5 show us any animation at all?

Adult Swim and the people behind Rick and Morty didn’t divulge details after dropping the clips. For now, fans will simply have to tune in to the season finale of Rick and Morty to see whether or not the adventuring twosome will appear in flesh & blood for the first time on the series. The finale drops on Sunday September 5th.

What’s your favorite episode of Rick and Morty? Sound off in the comments below!

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