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Has The Rock just announced ‘Red Notice”s release date?

It’s going to be a charm offensive based on the trailer for the upcoming Netflix action movie, Red Notice. Starring Ryan Reynolds (Free Guy), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman 1984), and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Jungle Cruise), the film promises fun for all upon its release date. Based on the first trailer for the upcoming movie, Red Notice is going to be awesome. 


The film follows “John Hartley (Johnson) is the do-good FBI agent tasked with bringing in the biggest criminals in the world. His path to justice collides with two rival robbers mid-heist, Nolan Booth (Reynolds) and The Bishop (Gadot).” It also promises a major charm offensive as well. Seriously, can you see this charming cast getting together?

Let’s see how fans are hyped for the release date of Red Notice, shall we?



Of course, Ryan Reynolds is here to be hilarious.


A homage

Clearly someone has been watching Zack Snyder lately.


Three superheroes walk into a movie . . . 

This sounds like the start of a joke.


Does this work? 

That is certainly one way to get arrested.



Listen, Ryan Reynolds and The Rock? We demand to see more of this duo.



That just looks painful. 


They’re not wrong

Seriously, the Batman v Superman comparison must be made.


There’s always one

Group projects, are we right?


They speak its name!

More shocked that someone was willing to speak of the 2011 Green Lantern movie.



And let’s have The Rock close us out.

The release date for Red Notice is Nov. 12. 

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