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Sworn off Hallmark for their anti-LGBTQ+ practices? Film Daily is preparing original content. We need your help. Here's how you can get involved.

Where can you see queer Christmas and holiday movies?

Here at Film Daily, we don’t cater to shows, we cater to fans. Our goal has always been to entertain our audience while talking about entertainment. As we cover all things film and television, we can’t help but notice that the film industry still has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to reflecting diversity, i.e. the actual world that we live in. We’re tired of waiting for them to figure it out.

To answer the title question, “Where can you see queer Christmas and holiday movies”? As of right now, not many places. Film Daily is going to change that, and we want your help. Sworn off Hallmark for their anti-LGBTQ+ practices? Watched A Christmas Prince for the millionth time? Don’t worry – we’ve got your back.

Our original content is coming in time for the next festive season

Feel free to join in on our happy dance.

There’s a lot more to reveal about our original content plan in 2020, but here’s what we can share so far. For the past year, our team has been working diligently on creating content that reflects what fans actually want to see. We have a deep love for storytelling, and we want to ring in the new decade with stories that reflect so much more than what is currently offered.

Since we want our content to reflect our audience, we are going straight to the source. We’ll listen to fans like you throughout the creative process. We want your input on stories, pre-production, casting, location, and any other topic imaginable. 

We’re coming for you, holiday movies

We love holiday movies. They don’t even have to be good, or all that Christmasy for us to curl up with our hot cocoa and a cozy blanket to dive deep into our holiday escapes. However, our love of a holiday theme doesn’t blind us to an overwhelming problem with holiday movies: they fail to celebrate those outside the majority. We’re ready to let’s light the path to diversity in holiday flicks.

Three perfect queer holiday movies

Are you sick of not seeing your people represented in holiday movies? We are too. So we’re producing three queer viewing events next November with diverse casts and captivating storylines. 

We want our content to reflect the values and many diversities of our readership, the open-hearted international Millennial/Gen Z crowd. These movies won’t only address holiday traditions; we’ll be looking all around the world and at all religions to create stories about how real people keep the holidays alive.

To guide our holiday content, we’ll release polls to gather up your valued opinions as we build our first three perfect queer holiday events.

What holiday trope do you want to see in our first event?

While we plan to shake things up in the Christmas movie world, there’s a lot about holiday tropes that we love. Since we want our production to be about what you want to see, we want you to pick the tropes that bring out your holiday spirit. 

We couldn’t be more excited to deliver the content you want to see. By placing your vote, you help us shape the content you want to see from start to finish. Check back with us to see the results – and keep voting as we build the consummate queer holiday productions.

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