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You know, it's harder than you think to find G-rated punny memes these days. That's why we did it for you! Laugh at these hilariously innocent memes.

Get punny with these ridiculously funny memes

We here at Film Daily love our meme pieces, especially ones that fit within the context of what’s happening in the world, from the holidays all the way to social & cultural movements. However, we’ve gone G-rated with this piece . . . very G. In fact, most of the memes in this piece are so innocent that you’ll either roll your eyes or laugh at our pathetic attempt at collecting punny memes. 

Puns have their place, don’t get us wrong. From the Thanksgiving table to Father’s Day, puns and punny memes can offer a light tone in an innocent setting. So, why not use this punny memes piece as your cheat sheet to get “in” with the in-laws, parents, or young children? Trust us, there’s something in here for everyone. Care to take a look and, at the very least, giggle along with us? 

Spooky season

What would happen if Halloween also fell on Taco Tuesday? Punny memes are the best! 

The broom where it happened

Drunk driving can be such a witch.

So bad

Yet so good. D@#% you, punny memes!  

He’s been waiting for this day

Whoever they are, they’re in need of a raise. 

Use your brain

We admit, it took a hot second to catch on to this one. 

The holidays are approaching 

And this meme is the star on top of our list of punny memes. 

Holy AND a sense of humor

Apparently, God can take a joke. 


We love bored veterinarians since they create perhaps the best meme ever invented

Took us too long

Did we look in the Twitter comments for the answer? Absolutely.  

A scarecrow with a brain

If he only had a realtor’s license.

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