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The Duke of Edinburgh opines on Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s own Brexit in 'Prince Philip Revealed: A Man of His Century'.

Royal scandals: Find out how Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh feels

In a new book titled Prince Philip Revealed: A Man of His Century, author Ingrid Seward shares the Duke of Edinburgh’s story. Seward is the editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine. She has written more than a dozen books on the British royal family. For Prince Philip Revealed, Seward spoke to friends, aids, and sources close to Prince Philip. 

On January 8th 2020, Prince Harry, sixth in line to the throne, and Meghan Markle announced their “step back” from their senior roles within the royal family. In the book, Seward discusses Prince Philip’s thoughts on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit from the royal family. 

Prince Philip’s thoughts on Meghan

In an Us Weekly interview, Ingrid Seward revealed Prince Philip initially accepted Meghan Markle. According to Seward, the Duke is typically welcoming to family newcomers as he was a newcomer himself at one point in time. She did say, though, that the Duke wasn’t around nearly as much since he’d retired. He didn’t see much of the Duchess so he wasn’t able to form much of a relationship with her. 

Prince Philip, at ninety-nine years old, made a major effort to attend his grandson’s wedding to Markle. The Duke had undergone a hip operation six weeks prior to the wedding, but he was set on making an appearance. According to Seward, Prince Philip was determined to walk down the aisle to his seat without a cane or a wheelchair. While the Duke successfully attended the ceremony, he wasn’t able to attend the reception. 

Prince Philip’s comparison

In Prince Philip Revealed, Seward discloses the Duke of Edinburgh’s comparison of Markle to Wallis Simpson, a twice-divorced American socialite. Simpson & the then-King Edward VIII intended on getting married, but since their relationship wasn’t socially or politically accepted, the King abdicated the British throne to marry her in 1937. 

According to Seward, Prince Philip liked Meghan Markle at first, but the couple’s actions left a bad taste, and the Duke’s relationship with his grandson suffered as a consequence. According to Seward’s interview with Sky News, Prince Philip is apparently having a hard time understanding why the Duchess can’t just give up her acting career, support her husband, and support the monarchy. 

The Duke of Edinburgh used to tell the late Princess Diana that this is not a popularity contest, but it’s about everyone working together. In her interview with Sky News, Seward added, “He just cannot understand why she couldn’t support Harry and help him rather than wanting to have her voice.” (Sounds a bit old fashioned, but he is ninety-nine years old after all. . .)

Philips thoughts on Prince Harry

As stated by Ingrid Seward, she believes Prince Philip is very disappointed. Seward believes Prince Philip sees Prince Harry’s departure as giving up his duties, including his naval career, standing by the queen and helping the monarchy. In the book, the first major biography of the prince in over thirty years, Seward writes Prince Philip was deeply upset by Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave. He can’t relate to it. 

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Seward said, “Philip simply cannot understand how Harry has behaved the way he has done. His grandson’s behavior is completely alien to him so not unnaturally the relationship has suffered. Don’t forget this is a man about to turn 100 who has devoted 68 years of his adult life to supporting the monarch, and this has been a great shock.” 

In Prince Philip Revealed, Seward wrote, “He has struggled greatly, for example, with what he sees his grandson Harry’s dereliction of duty, giving up his homeland and everything he cared about for a life of a self-centered celebrity in North America.” 

Sandringham Summit

According to the Daily Mail, Queen Elizabeth II summoned her son Prince Charles & grandson Prince William to the Sandringham estate for an emergency summit after the Duke & Duchess of Sussex announced their intention to step back and become financially independent. Before everyone arrived, Prince Philip was seen quickly leaving the house. He simply didn’t want to get involved anymore. 

Prince Philip, being in charge of family matters, tried to guide the Duke & Duchess of Sussex but apparently felt like his advice was ignored. As per Ingrid Seward, “Philip’s way is that he says his bit, and then steps back from the situation because he doesn’t like to interfere.”

What are your thoughts on Harry & Meghan’s decision to peace out of the royal family? Let us know below!

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  • I’ve watched with great interest Prince Harry & his wife Meghan Markle with their baby Archie, and wondered what their struggle with the Monarchy was really about. Looking multiple times at pictures of the famiy, with Doria Ragland, and without Queen Elizabeth II, it finally struck me. Meghan has exactly what she wanted: Her English Prince, the trappings of roylty (until they quit the duty part), both husband and son still heirs to the English throne, as well as having her mother living with them, and her Hollywood mansion, lifestyle & culture. She can have her own way and be the one in control (of “her” family). She’s won! She’s successfully alienated Harry from his biological royal FAMILY, deprived their son Archie from a relationship with his grandfather, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, & cousins. Then she had the gall to blame it on his family and the press. Goodness knows it could not be HER choice! Now… IF she can just keep her royal husband from figuring that out!

    November 2, 2020
  • Although I’m not a fan of Markle I do like Harry, but if he feels better within himself then yeh why not go for ..They have plenty of money to support them with various options going for them
    But it would be lovely if he could finish what his mum started , just take a year or so.
    I’m not sure if they will stay together i think may be one has a roving eye, watch this space.


    November 2, 2020

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