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New stories have emerged that Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly made the late Princess Diana cry? Read all about what happened here.

How did Ghislaine Maxwell make Princess Diana cry?

Ghislaine Maxwell has been in the news quite a lot recently, so in an attempt to save time we’ll assume you already know all the tea about the disgraced former socialite & accomplice of deceased convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein.

Witnesses & victims are emerging every day with some new piece of info about Maxwell & Epstein and their tangled web of illegal activities & misdeeds. Recently, new stories have emerged that Maxwell took great pride in an interaction she shared with beloved Princess Diana many years ago. Read all about what happened and Maxwell’s potential jealousy.

Maxwell’s weird obsession with the UK royals

Maria Farmer was a painter who showed great promise before she came in contact with Epstein. According to her initial report, her first point of contact with the alleged sex trafficker was when Maria Guiggenheim (yes, that Guiggenheim) demanded Farmer sell a painting entitled “The Rape” to Epstein for a considerably lower price than she had been offered by another buyer. 

Farmer, a victim of Epstein’s exploits now in her 50s, remembers an occasion when Maxwell gathered girls around to look at a book of pictures of the alleged madam with different royals. Farmer claimed Maxwell would boast about bullying family members of the royal family – specifically Diana, Princess of Wales.

While the exact specifics of what transpired between the two women is still up for interpretation, Farmer added that Maxwell was most proud of her talent for making the deceased Princess cry, describing her behavior towards Diana as “abusive”.

“Ghislaine’s like, ‘Look, there we made [Diana] cry, isn’t that funny? We hated Diana.’ That’s what she said,” Farmer said in an interview with The Sun. “They were mean to her, like abusive, but they thought it was really funny. Very, very sick.”

Ghislaine vs. Diana: Feud or jealousy?

In a piece for the London Evening Standard last month, journalist Anne McElvoy gave her thoughts on the ordeal: Maxwell was “on a pedestal of privilege” and yet was “armed with a self-confidence so bullet-proof” that she could joke and take credit for making Diana cry in a world where she was ripe for bullying.

Maxwell & Epstein were invited to many royal events including the Royal Ascot and parties held at estates owned by royalty. It’s presumed the two met Diana for the first time at the 1984 premiere of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Maxwell followed in the footsteps of her father, publisher Robert Maxwell – he was also publicly disgraced and his army of colleagues distanced themselves considerably following criminal allegations coming to light. And while she was born into money, she didn’t stop there.

A source close to Maxwell claimed that Maxwell and her friends were “very strategic” about who they interacted with and who they didn’t. Through climbing the social ladder in the London social scene, Ghislaine found her way into a group of women described as “pursuing dazzling marriages.”

What’s happening with Ghislaine now?

After Epstein was arrested and later found dead inside his prison cell, the world wondered about the whereabouts of Maxwell. About a year later (July 2020), Maxwell was discovered at a sprawling ranch in New Hampshire, living in isolation. She was arrested and is currently behind bars waiting for her trial date in 2021.

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